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Enjoy Star Wars? Not the newer, but the older arguably better variant? Love the Mandalorians on top of that? Then this mod is for you! Put on the Neo Crusader Armor and show the Mojave just what you're worth!

Permissions and credits
This mod is a port of the Mandalorian Neo Crusader, Mandalore the Ultimate's armor and the vibrosword from Engys Epangelmatikes's Workshop on GMOD. I have received full permission and credit is given to the author for their amazing work at creating these works of art from scratch.

The only work I did was the weighing and texture work to create the reds and blue variants. Link to the original can be found here in the link below.


That being said, there are three variations of the Neo Crusader, white, red, and blue plus two versions of the helmets along with Mandalore the Ultimate included. A vibrosword and vibroknife are also added to the mix for your up close and personal usage in the Mojave Wasteland.

All mentioned armors and weapons are found in Goodsprings at the graveyard inside of a Brotherhood Footlocker next to the fenced in grave site shown in the screenshot.

Armor stats are comparable to combat armor.