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This mod overhauls the Mojave Wasteland to that Nuclear Winter Wonderland that the NCR have always wished for. A Wish For A Nuclear Winter aims to change many things in the Mojave Wasteland. Things such as landscape, armors, flora, signs, and things alike.

Permissions and credits

A Wish For a Nuclear Winter has been a project of mine and a few others for a little while now. Our intentions are to change the Mojave to a Winter environment and have everything fit the new environment. That being armors, landscape, and more. As of now, the only things that are done is the landscape, LOD, NCR Armor, and Legion armors.

Things that we have planned are:
-Armors and Clothing overhauls. Changes may be adding long sleeves to short sleeved armors/clothing and adding a frost like or snow look to the outfits.

-Sounds. I have some new footsteps and impact sounds for bullets/explosions that would make a nice addition to the mod. 

-Building and sign textures. Signs could use some snow and frost added to them. Same thing with buildings.

-Snow piles. Snow piles may be added across the wasteland to make it look like snow is being piled. This would take a while to do.

-DLC Integration. This won't be a huge thing due to the DLC already being somewhat affected. But I would like to do more to places like Honest Hearts.

-Install with mod managers or manually install.

-Make sure to enable the ESP. Not only does it give the NPC's the new armors, but it also takes away the brown tints on the ground.

-Highly recommend installing with Mod Organizer for easy switch from Desert to Winter or Winter to Desert.

-An ENB would be nice. ENB's like 47 ENB, Jay's, or Wanderer's ENB look fantastic with the overhaul. 

-A weather mod like Nevada Skies may be nice as well for the different moods and the snowy weather included. 

-Assets are to stay within this mod due to many assets being borrowed.

-If you have an idea for a mod or an addition to the mod, please contact me first via Nexus or Discord.

-Macintroll on the Frontier team for sharing snow textures and making this mod possible.

-Dragbody for allowing me to use his NCR Overhaul and Legion Overhaul to have a base for the armors.

-pommymax for their amazing Legion Texture overhaul allowing me to make new Legion retextures. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/67595?tab=description

-dantefettman for the immense help of managing the mod and helping with testing and other needs.

-ExoticRPGs for helping with textures and spreading word. 

-Asurah and Raider for doing much needing testing so that the mod will work with no problem.

-C16 and others for showing me some features of the GECK that was very much needed.

-YanL for allowing me to use his Legion Helmets.

-LucianHector for the great showcase video and testing.

-If I missed anyone, it may be due to me not implementing the part that has your work in it yet or I may have forgotten. There are quite a few who have helped here and there. 

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