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Some cool, masculine, brutal and hooligan poses for your amazing pictures/stories/etc

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If you ever felt a lack and wanted even more poses for your pictures, then you came to the right place!

Hello! I'm here for you, lovely Screenarchers and Storytellers! I bring you a new poses, especially made for males!!!

But I'm not sure how those poses can fit to the female characters o:

I do really love screenarching and when I played FNV, I felt a real lack of poses, for males! O:

So, I forced myself to learn about pose making, I didn't sleep few nights trying to figure out it and one day I just did it.

You can't imagine how happy I was then, this day, yeaaaah xD

Consider this as a gift from me to the Christmas and New Year x)))))

Alright, here we go!

It's pretty simple, just as always, put everything to the data folder and then enable esp in your Mod Manager. That's it! :D


It's just mod which adds new independent poses, so, it must be compatible with everything else.
And I'm sure, with TTW too, since it based on FNV :)

How to use: (really important)
1. Make sure you installed and enabled pose mod

2. Open your game and then open console

3. In console type

4. Now close console and you now have the opportunity to move camera around your character, move it as you want

5. Now again, open console and click on your character and this line should pop up
Name of you character(00000014)

6. Now, when you clicked on your character, type in console:
playidle karipose01

There are many poses, so you can type from 01, 02, 03 to 40+
(also there are some extra poses like karipose06a/karipose12a)

7. Now close console and your character should play a pose!

Also, I recommend you to use tfik command in console to avoid some clippings, because there are some poses with objects! x)

8. Now, when you're done, open console again, click on your character and type
playidle reset

It will reset the pose and you will be able to control your character again!

Aaaaand that's it x)

Also, I highly recommend you to use face expression anims by SariDecember with mine poses!

Special Thanks:
Special thanks to the dear Jonas66 for great tutorial and help! <3

And also special thanks to the dear Lee5Lee for testing it <3

Well, that's it! Have fun with it and I will be very happy to see pictures of your characters with my poses! You'll make my day ;)

If you will have some troubles, let me know!