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This mod increases the usefulness of the Throwing Spear, Throwing Hatchet, and Throwing Knife; with DLCs installed, the Tomahawk and Throwing Knife Spear are also improved. Throwing Knives and Throwing Hatchets are now more common. With DLCs installed, proton throwing axes can be bought at the Sink. Optionally, the mod adds a retrieval effect.

Permissions and credits
This mod makes the Throwing Knife, Throwing Hatchet, Tomahawk, Throwing Spear, and Throwing Knife spear more useful by way of increased damage as well as the addition of more object effects - for example, the Throwing Hatchet now does increased critical damage and is balanced against the Tomahawk, which has an increased critical chance in addition to its extra limb damage. The Throwing Knife in particular has been reworked into a potent assassin's tool, doing massive critical damage but little base damage with no increased critical chance (making it useful for sneak attacks).

Furthermore, the Throwing Hatchet has been given in large numbers to Legion troops, and the Throwing Knife is now more commonly purchasable at more vendors. Be sure to check with Mr. Holdout! If you have the DLCs, the Proton Throwing Axe and Protonic Inversal Throwing Axe have now been added to the Sink Central Intelligence Unit's vendor system, so they're no longer a finite resource.

The optional "Retrieval" files add the ability to recover a single thrown melee weapon of the type an enemy was killed with from the enemy's corpse (excluding the Old World Blues throwing axes, since they appear to explode). Missed throws and non-killing hits on living enemies do not yield a retrievable weapon.

In addition to all this, the Throwing Hatchet's weight has been reduced slightly since it appears to be a bit smaller and less heavy than the Hatchet, while the Tomahawk has had its weight increased since it has a "heavy-feeling" throw and is made with a lead pipe and railroad spikes.

I didn't touch the damage of the Old World Blues throwing axes because they seemed pretty powerful already. I also didn't add the Tomahawk to any additional leveled lists because Honest Hearts already makes it purchasable once the DLC is completed.

Versions are available either for use with the vanilla game, or with DLCs. NVSE is not required at all!

In rare cases where the enemy was already holding the same type of thrown melee weapon you killed them with, you may not find an extra one on their corpse. Again, this is rare, and occurs when the enemy was holding exactly one of the item in question (e.g. if you killed an NPC with a Throwing Knife and it just so happened that said NPC already had a single Throwing Knife in their inventory).

This mod does not fix the vanilla bug that occasionally happens where you hit an enemy with a thrown melee weapon and they receive very little damage, but that bug is not introduced by this mod, so please don't report this in the comments.

Please report any additional bugs in the comments.

It will conflict with any mod that alters the Throwing Knife, Throwing Hatchet, Throwing Spear, Throwing Knife Spear, or Tomahawk. The vendor additions and/or leveled list changes won't conflict with anything because they're performed via script.

The files with the name "Retrieval" add the ability to recover a single thrown melee weapon from an enemy's corpse if the enemy was killed with that weapon (see above).

Only download ONE of the four files, depending on your preference. Put the contents of the mod folder (the folder with the .esp inside of it) into your Data folder, or use a mod manager. To uninstall, delete the mod's file (the .esp) or uninstall using a mod manager.