Fallout New Vegas
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A selection of high level Mod-free Characters for testing and playing mods.

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Want to jump right in to some mods without playing through the main game, but don't want to be a wimp desperate for XP and Skills?
Are you a Powergamer who can't help but play as a 1-Charisma Stealth Sniper, but would really like to try something else?
Are you a Modder and want a convenient variety of character builds and perks with which to test your gameplay?
Then simply click on over to the FILES page and...

This "mod" contains several handcrafted Characters for you to jump right in to the game with.
- All Characters are Level 35 and start with a selection of equipment appropriate to their archetype, including some DLC items.
- All tutorials (except reputation) should be triggered, so no annoying popups.
- Clean of mods; created only with official dlcs loaded.
- No quests completed: Characters are located in Goodsprings after just completing 'Back In The Saddle.'
- Manually leveled with the RewardXP command and built for common Archetypes and Playstyles. (Fun fact: it takes exactly 90,950 XP to reach Level 35.)

- Meet The Couriers -

Azfalt the Bombarian:

A well-meaning Tribal from the remote corners of California, Azfalt is strong as an ox and dumb as a hammer.
While unmatched in a battle of might and nigh-unarmed in a battle of wit, don't mistake that for a lack of wisdom.
Complementing his Martial prowess, his tribe notoriously adopted Grenades as a trademark weapon, using them with almost religious discipline.

Catalina the Bounty Hunter:

Did she fire six shots, or only five? With her lightning reflexes and unmatched dexterity, would it even matter?
Likely the fastest draw in the West, Catalina is equal parts respected and feared in her work as a Bounty Hunter.

Gabriel the Laser Surgeon:

A former Chem-ist turned Doctor thanks to the intervention of the Followers of The Apocalypse.
Gabriel uses his extensive knowledge of the intellectual arts to assist the people of the wasteland.
Not afraid of a scuffle, he uses Laser Weapons with almost... *surgical* precision.

Hiromi the Ranger:

Reclusive, quiet, deadly.
Some say he was formerly of 1st Recon before being dishonorably discharged, others that he's just another sniper with a needlessly dramatic backstory.
It's not even certain how good of a shot he really is, because anyone that ever sought to challenge this wandering Sharpshooter never came back.

Jackson the Agent:

An inter-regional man of mystery. Suave and dangerous, Women adore him, Men respect him.
Jackson's services as a Spy, Saboteur, and sometimes Assassin have been in demand from countless clients,
from corporate conflicts and bounties to government conspiracies and war-time espionage.

Rachel the Plasmatologist:

Do you like Energy Weapons? Explosions? SCIENCE? Well you don't like them as much as Rachel, a physicist who's fascination with Plasma weaponry
would be described as excessive in the best of times.
With most scientific communities maintaining minimum safe distance from her, she works as a gun-for-hire to both fund her own research and conduct what she only refers to as "field tests."

Sam the Mercenary:

Sam realized at a young age she was pretty good at blowing stuff up and/or filling them with holes courtesy of an automatic rifle,
but wasn't too keen on following the orders of "Military goon with a Gecko up his ass."
Thankfully, the wasteland is always in need of someone with her particular talents, and will usually overlook her brash personality.