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A rustic player home shack located on a clifftop just outside Primm overlooking the surrounding area. Decent safe storage, a reloading bench, workbench and a bed with well rested bonus inside, plus a campfire and plenty of running gecko kebabs outside.

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Primm Overlook is a small, rustic player home shack overlooking Primm and the surrounding valley from a nearby clifftop.

Because of it's small size and relative lack of glamour, the shack suits the modest adventurer who just haven't made it big yet...or to New Vegas.

Despite it's humble appearance, the shack still have 10 different types of safe storage containers, a couple of posters, and even a functional radio!
There's also a bed with well rested bonus, a reloading bench and a workbench. Also, the previous owner might have left a thing or two before he continued on his adventures out west, or wherever he went.

Outside jalapeno peppers and broc flowers grow close to the shack walls, while gecko kebabs run unworriedly along the cliffsides, not far from the shack's campfire.

In the evening you can settle down in a comfortable plastic looking chair overlooking the area, enjoy the sunset over Primm, and listen to the chirping and banter of geckos and NCR rangers in the night.

The shack is navmeshed, and comes with it's very own custom placed fast travel point.

The mod is cleaned with FNVEdit.

Compatible with A World of Pain and NV Interiors.