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FNVGO is an attempt to overhaul many aspects of Fallout: New Vegas while preserving the game's story and atmosphere. It's been years of hard work in the making, and I hope you enjoy it!

Permissions and credits

The goal of this mod is to enhance Fallout: New Vegas in as many ways as I can. Not terribly specific, I know. But if you skim the Features section, I'm sure you'll get an idea of what I'm going for.

The original concept for this project was a sort of "headshot mod to end all headshot mods". Once I had everything working, I realized two things: it was a whole lot of fun, and extremely, comically imbalanced. Turns out being able to kill anyone with one well-placed shot dramatically altered the game. Go figure.

So the project expanded into a stat rebalance and total combat overhaul, where I treated the game as though it were a team deathmatch shooter. And again, the results were a whole lot of fun! The combat felt great, but all the changes I made had inadvertently shifted the importance and accessibility of many weapons, items, quest rewards, etc., which led to even more necessary changes. But despite that, I think you'll be surprised just how vanilla the mod feels.

I started this project sometime around Thanksgiving 2017 with very little modding experience and no idea how to code. It's been a bumpy couple of years. At one point, I even had to delete a whole year's worth of work! But I stuck it out, kept at it, and I'm finally at a point where I feel like I can release a sort of "demo" to the public. (Check out the Estimated Progress section!)


NOTE: This a very general feature list. As of writing, this mod includes over 35,000 edits.

• Without proper protection, a gunshot to the head is lethal to NPCs, as well as the player.
• Bullets and helmets have been assigned a toughness value between 1 and 3. A helmet can only stop an incoming bullet if it matches or exceeds the toughness level of the bullet, otherwise, the headshot is still lethal. A helmet's DT reflects its toughness level.
• Some helmets have the Exposed Face effect. Regardless of toughness level, these helmets will not protect against headshots when the wearer is facing their attacker within 90 degrees.

Hit Location and Damage
• Attack damage is greatly affected by where the hit lands. The more vital the body part, the more damage is dealt. While it's different for every creature body type, the formula generally goes as follows: the head receives x2.0 damage, the torso x1.0, legs x0.6, and arms x0.4.
• Having crippled limbs reduces a victim's ability to heal past a certain percentage of their maximum HP. The head is worth 20%, the torso is worth 25%, and each limb is worth 10%. (This means that, hypothetically, if all six of the player's limbs were crippled, they could only heal up to 15% of their maximum HP before seeing a doctor.)
• Some sets of armor don't cover the entire body and will leave some limbs exposed. Exposed body parts take full damage, as though the defender were wearing no armor at all. Exposed limbs are listed in the armor's Effects tab. Note that effects like "Exposed Arms" may refer to one arm, and not the other. You should be able to guess which limbs are exposed by simply looking at the outfit as it's being worn.
• Doctor's Bags now heal limbs very slowly over time, and cannot be used during combat.
• Melee weapons are broken up into two major categories: blunt and bladed. Bladed weapons deal higher damage, and have a x1.25 Critical Chance multiplier. Blunt weapons deal less physical damage than their bladed counterparts, but they deal decent fatigue damage and have a x1.25 Limb Damage multiplier. Blunt weapons will -usually- knock someone out before killing them.

NPC Awareness and Behavior
• Nearly every game setting associated with NPC awareness has been recalibrated. I tried to strike a balance between fun and realism. Generally speaking, if someone's facing you, they either know you're there, or they're coming over to investigate. Players with a high Sneak skill will still need to stay quiet and out of sight to stay hidden.
• Shooting a gun will now give away your position to your enemies. Being shot at can also give you away, but it's not guaranteed. Banging melee weapons against walls and world objects will also make noise, and can be used to lure enemies into an ambush.
• Certain zones within public spaces are now considered off-limits by their owners. People who invite you into their home may not want you barging into their bedroom, shop owners will tell you to leave if you wander behind the counter, and guards will shoot on sight when they catch you poking around in restricted areas. Common sense and normal trespassing rules apply here.
• Pointing certain weapons at NPCs is considered a hostile action. If the NPC doesn't see you doing it, but someone in their faction does, the witness will react instead.
• NPCs will no longer frustratingly run away from you when you're technically in combat with someone or something else.
• NPCs no longer have infinite ammo.

Stats and Progression
• Nearly every Perk in the game has been rebalanced to account for the large-scale gameplay and statistics changes in this mod. Level requirements have been restructured to allow more freedom to make the character you want. Perk descriptions now tell you exactly what they do. A complete list of FNVGO's perk descriptions and requirements can be found here.
• The total number of stat points that can be distributed at the Vigor Tester has been lowered to 35, which is exactly enough to have a score of 5 in each stat. Having strengths in one area now requires taking on weaknesses in another.
• New calculations for important stats: Health & Fatigue = (75 + (Endurance x 5) + (Character Level x 2)). Action Points = (50 + (Agility x 5)). Skill Points Per Level = (Intelligence + 5). Carry Weight = (75 + (Strength x 5)).
• All human NPCs now use the same health and fatigue calculations as the player, excluding bosses.
• The level cap has been lowered to 30. The amount of XP needed to level up has been raised to (Character Level x 500). The XP reward for picking locks and hacking terminals has been raised to (Difficulty Level x 20). The XP reward for discovering a new location has been raised to 25. The XP reward for killing NPCs and creatures has been lowered to (Difficulty Level x 5), excluding bosses.
• Challenges have been expanded to keep track of and reward many non-combat activities, and represent a wider variety of playstyles. An incomplete list of FNVGO's challenges can be found here.
• The Karma reward for killing Evil and Very Evil NPCs / creatures has been removed. The Karma penalty for killing Good and Very Good NPCs / creatures has been changed to -250 and -500 respectively. Choosing to <Lie> in conversation comes with a -5 Karma penalty.

• Your "Party Limit", or maximum amount of companions you can recruit at once, increases by 1 for every 3 points of Charisma you have. This means players with 1 Charisma can have only one companion, while players with 10 can have four.
• Your party can have any number of critters or humanoids.
• Setting your companion to Aggressive now forces them to draw their weapon. (Originally, it didn't do anything.)
• Companions who are simultaneously in Passive and Wait mode will interact with their surroundings, sit down, and lean against walls.
• Companions left in Wait mode for longer than 6 in-game hours are considered abandoned, and will automatically leave the party.
• Companion weapons no longer use magical companion ammo.
• Rex will now attack all giant rats and mole rats on sight, excluding Snuffles. However, Rex and Snuffles are not friends.

• Empty bottles can be used to collect water. The water you collect will retain the purity level of the source you collected it from, and the amount of thirst restored is based on the size of the container.
• Knives can be used to skin and butcher animal carcasses. This is now the only way to receive pelts and meat from animals. The process takes 1 hour. The amount of meat harvested is based on your Survival skill. The pelt you take from the carcass will vary in quality, based on your Survival skill and how damaged the carcass was at the time of skinning. If a carcass sustains too much damage it can't be butchered at all, so clean kills are ideal. Certain perks will let you butcher mutants, bugs, and even other humans.
• Wrenches can be used to dismantle "dead" robots. The process is nearly identical to animal skinning. The amount of scrap metal and scrap electronics harvested is based on your Repair and Science skills respectively, with a maximum of 4 each per robot. There's also a slim chance you'll recover more expensive parts, like conductors and sensor modules.

• Taking multiple doses of medicine, recreational drugs, and alcohol back-to-back will increase their effectiveness and duration. However, depending on how harsh the substance is and how many doses you took, you may experience a comedown / hangover. In most cases, the comedown will last as long as the high, so try not to binge unless you also plan on giving your character time to rest afterward. In a future update, I plan on adding consequences to mixing certain drugs together, up to and including death.
• Disarming explosives now requires an Explosives skill check. If you don't meet the skill requirement, you can still give it a shot and hope you don't blow yourself up. Your Luck affects the odds.
• Guns can be used to breach locked doors and containers. The damage of the weapon vs. the difficulty level of the lock determines your odds of success. Make sure you're close enough to highlight the locked object before shooting. Opening locks this way can be a drain on bullets and does not grant XP.
• Shovels can be used to bury corpses. The process takes 6 hours and will accelerate your exhaustion, but can be reduced by 2 hours for each humanoid companion in your party also carrying a shovel. Minimum dig time is 2 hours. One of three random grave markers will be placed at the gravesite. The corpse must be outdoors. Make sure the corpse is where you want it to be before digging. Graves made by you can't be dug back up.

• Chemistry sets, ovens, coffee makers, and distilleries are now considered "workbenches", each with their own list of workbench-specific recipes. Food and medicine recipes have been heavily changed and expanded, with future changes coming to other recipe categories.
• Vending machines are now locked and can be given pre-war money in exchange for soda. There is a small chance the machine will eat your money. Your Luck affects the odds. (In a future update, machines that are currently in use will be converted to accept NCR money, while machines that have been out of use since before the Great War will still require old-world dollars.)

User Interface
• Dialogue skill checks no longer display the required value, or how much you need to raise your skill to pass the check. (For example, "[Science 44/80] Robot! Let me pass!" now simply reads "[Science] Robot! Let me pass!")
• Crouching no longer tells you when you're [HIDDEN], [DETECTED], etc., replacing them instead with a generic [SNEAKING].
• Highlighting a container no longer tells you if it's [EMPTY].
• A large number of text pop-ups have been converted into corner messages. All corner messages have had their duration set to 3 seconds, and their contents shortened to fit within three lines whenever possible.
Crafting recipes are learned gradually as you raise your skills, and only become visible once your character is within 10 points of the required minimum. Recipes that are given to you will always appear in your crafting menu, regardless of skill.
• The world map and local map can now be zoomed out further.
• Notes that contain images and audio are now tagged with the [IMG] and [SND] prefix respectively.

• One in-game hour now lasts five real-world minutes, up from two minutes.
• Armor and helmets lose 50% of their weight while they're being worn. (Currently trying to get it to work with weapons as well.)

• Helmets, hats, glasses, and all other indestructible wearables now take durability damage when hit.
• Female players can no longer disguise themselves as members of a male-only faction, such as the Legion or Powder Gangers. Anyone who sees you wearing male-only faction armor will still assume you're affiliated with the faction, and their enemies will still attack on-sight.
• Paid healing from doctors now comes with one dose of morphine. Doctors can no longer cure addictions, but you can pay them for a dose of Fixer, which lasts 24 in-game hours.
The weight of just about every item has been changed to be more consistent and realistic. I worked under the assumption that "weight units" represented pounds. Most weight information was found through Wikipedia and Amazon.
The game's economy has been restructured to be more consistent, hopefully more realistic, and to prevent the player from getting too rich too quickly. For context, one bottle cap = $2 USD, an NCR $5 bill = $5 USD, and one Legion Denarius = $8 USD. To determine the price of an item, I look up the average price of a similar object online.
• Radio New Vegas remembers the last 15 songs played and won't repeat them, Black Mountain Radio remembers 13 songs, and Mojave Music Radio remembers 12 songs. Mr. New Vegas also remembers his most recent intros, outros, and news stories.
• NPCs now change facial expression more often in dialogue. Securitron screens glow red during combat.

• The amount of food harvested from pickable plants has been increased to match the appearance of the plant. (For example, you'll get three peppers from a jalapeño plant, instead of one.) Pickable plants now take two weeks to respawn, up from three days.
• Countless rocks, shrubs, and trees have been moved and resized. NPCs walking over rocks should get snagged less often. Floating scenery is now a rare sight.


Right now, I'm working on settlements that touch Goodsprings. While it's fine to go anywhere you like, just know that the further you stray, the more likely you are to encounter broken, unpolished, or unintended things.

Goodsprings - 100%
Primm - 50%
NCR Correctional Facility - 75%
Sloan - 65%
Quarry Junction - 80%


• A copy of Fallout: New Vegas, and all DLCs
New Vegas Script Extender
• The JIP LN NVSE plugin
• An FNV mod manager of your choice
• A way to unpack compressed files


-1. In the FNV launcher, go into Options and enable HDR. Without this, the lighting will look strange.
0. If you haven't already, install New Vegas Script Extender, the JIP LN NVSE plugin, and a mod manager.
1. Download this mod, and unpack it.
2. Open your New Vegas install folder, then find and open the Data folder. Drag the contents of the rar file into the Data folder.
3. Make sure FNVGO.esp is at the bottom of your mod manager's load order.

This mod cannot be enabled mid-game.

Some general advice to ensure maximum performance and stability: Never add or remove plugins to a save file mid-game. Also consider disabling the auto-save feature and switch to saving manually.


Below is a list of mods that aren't required to run FNVGO, but I strongly suggest using them.

FNV 4GB Patcher, by RoyBatterian
FNV Mod Limit Fix, by iranrmrf
New Vegas Anti-Crash, by Queued
Tick Fix, by tgspy
Ogg Vorbis Libraries, by KaneWright
Collision Meshes, by KiCHo666
Enhanced Camera, by LogicDragon
No Cripple-Critical Messages, by lStewieAl
Disable Karma Messages, by lStewieAl
No Snow in Globes, by Radioactivelad

Due to its size, FNVGO is likely going to be incompatible with every other medium to large-scale mod out there. And since it's a work in progress, making compatibility patches just isn't in the cards right now, if ever.


• Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel, Paul Connelly, and Hugues LE PORS, the creators of New Vegas Script Extender
• jazzisparis, the creator of JIP LN NVSE
• OlivierBoorenbos, creator of the highly educational Skyrim mod Realistic AI Detection SE

TriangleCity, for featuring my mod on their YouTube channel
• dubiousintent, Mktavish, madmongo, WarMachineDD7, Radioactivelad, and everyone else on the Nexus forums who helped me learn to use the GECK, answered my questions, and gave helpful feedback
• my nefarious common law wife, without whom this mod could not exist


• Give the mod a try, and tell me what you think in the comments!
• Suggest features or balance changes you'd like to see in a future update.
Report any glitches or exploits you find, even if you aren't 100% certain it was a glitch.