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Allows the eggs to be collected without waiting for Red Lucy to ask for them.

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The way Obsidian scripted this quest was weird. You have to collect the eggs in the exact order that Red Lucy asks for them, because they simply don't appear in the world until you've progressed far enough in the quest. For example, it isn't possible to collect all of the eggs first, and then hand them in all during a single trip to the Thorn. Better Bleed Me Dry seeks to improve this.

Now, all the eggs are enabled in the world from the moment you install the mod, and you can collect them in any order, whether you've started the quest or not. For the time being, you still have to hand them in to Red Lucy in order (Giant Mantis, Radscorpion, Fire Gecko, Night Stalker, Cazador, Deathclaw). In the future, I want to allow handing them in in any order.

Don't install this mod if you've already started Bleed Me Dry.