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Overhauls the equipment utilised by the 1st Recon Battalion and provides a scoped hunting rifle available as a quest reward

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This is my modest attempt at a re-equipment mod for 1st Recon of NCR fame. There are others like it, but this is mine.

What does this mod do?
The mod supplies all members of 1st Recon with the same armour that Boone will unlock at the end of I Forget to Remember to Forget. Unfortunately, it's not playable. I didn't want to deal with the issue of the player/Boone having access to it before that quest, not to mention that one of the armours has clipping issues in first person. This mod also gives everyone (barring Corporal Stirling) a special 1st Recon Sniper Rifle, which uses the same model as Boone's personal rifle. It's only modestly more powerful than the basic rifle, but it boasts a very high critical chance multiplier. I didn't want the rifle to be too OP, but I did want it to live up to the slogan of "the last thing you never see". 

Can I get my own 1st Recon rifle?
As a matter of fact you can. There are a few ways of getting one:
  • Have Manny Vargas die - He is included in this mod, and he can be killed as part of One For My Baby more easily than most
  • Get one from a 1st Recon sniper - Probably more difficult to achieve, but if one of them dies, you're free to take the rifle
  • Complete Three-Card Bounty and have 1st Recon assist with Driver Nephi - If you bring 1st Recon along with you to kill Driver Nephi, Major Dhatri will give you a pristine 1st Recon Sniper Rifle as a bonus reward at the end of the quest; unlike all the others you can obtain, this one is at 100% condition

Who has what equipment?
  • Lieutenant Gorobets has been given a 1st Recon Sniper Rifle, 1st Recon Survival Armour, and sunglasses
  • Sergeant Bitter-Root has been given a 1st Recon Sniper Rifle, 1st Recon Assault Armour, and sunglasses
  • Corporal Betsy has been given a 1st Recon Sniper Rifle and 1st Recon Assault Armour; she already has sunglasses
  • Corporal Stirling has been given 1st Recon Survival Armour and sunglasses; I kept him with his ranger hat and wouldn't dare part him from La Longue Carabine
  • 10 of Spades has been given a 1st Recon Sniper Rifle and 1st Recon Survival Armour; I kept him with his eyeglasses
  • Manny Vargas has been given a 1st Recon Sniper Rifle and sunglasses; seriously, he's the daytime sniper, he needs sunglasses more than Boone does

I can't imagine this will play too friendly with anything that adjusts the inventory of the above NPCs or the reward for Three-Card Bounty, so watch out.

None, I hope. But this is my first real mod that isn't either audio adjustments or GECK tweaks, so keep an eye out and let me know. I did test things and it seemed to work okay, but never say never.