Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

This mod adds next-gen LWRC M6A2 PSD Assault Rifle. Mid-poly mesh, multiple 4K, 2K, 1K textures, two custom quests, custom sounds, custom UI Icons, fully scripted game integration.

Permissions and credits


- This mod adds high-quality LWRC M6A2 PSD Assault Rifle, made with love and in purpose of learning how to model and texture as better as I can.

- Weapon is really fully integrated in the game.

- Made this gun playable in Fallout: New Vegas just for you people!


- Second, choose which version you have and want. You need to choose one of it: Honest Hearts vanilla animations, vanilla animations No Honest Hearts, Asurah's M4A1 animation Honest Hearts, Asurah's M4A1 animation no Honest Hearts!

- YOU NEED TO INSTALL BOTH MAIN FILE ALONG WITH VARIANT MENTIONED ABOVE FOR MOD TO WORK!! Otherwise you won't have meshes in-game. Causing game to potentially crash. (Please don't post this situation in Bugs section if you install it wrong, it's your fault)

Millenia Colt M4A1 Patch, YOU NEED TO INSTALL THIS IF YOU WISH TO USE ASURAH'S ANIMATION PACK ALONG WITH MINE GUN! Scroll down to optional files from this link and find "Millenia Colt M4A1 Patch", download it and install it too.

- Mid-poly mesh.

- Multiple 4K, 2K, 1K textures(worn yellow/green/black and black pristine, 105 in total).

- Two custom quests for obtaining them.

- Custom sounds.

- Custom UI Icons

- Fully scripted game integration(With optional Honest Hearts perk DLC support too).

- Asurah's M4A1 animation support(optional).

- First quest "Disrupted Delivery" will show up on your Pip-Boy when you hit Level 35.

- Second quest will show up only when you complete "Disrupted Delivery" quest and hit Level 45. Otherwise if you don't fulfill these two requirements you still can find the mysterious box somewhere in the New Vegas but it's locked by script.

- Vanilla animations of the mod will work perfectly with no Asurah's Colt M4A1 animation patch esp even if you are using Asurah's reanimation pack(It will play standard Marksman or Assault Carbine animation, which looks cool too!). Just make sure to install Main files along with Vanilla esp(Honest Hearts or standard) provided in Downloads section. DO NOT INSTALL ASURAH'S COLT M4A1 ANIMATION PATCH ESP IF YOU WANT IT THAT WAY, OR ANIMATIONS WON'T WORK AS INTENDED!!

- Edge damages are too bright, too much reflection on the guns. Note that I'm using Sevens Sins ENB Preset to have same quality and correct texture shading shown in the Pictures section. I will not re-modify textures because of that(No time)!!

- If you experience game breaking bugs, feel free to post them in Bugs section. If it's game breaker I will look into it. ONCE AGAIN, INSTALL THIS MOD CAREFULLY AND READ THE DESCRIPTION!!

- Meshes, textures, quests, UI Icons, sounds, implementation > SiouX

- Optional Asurah Animations > Asurah(DecerBW)

- Optional FalloutKid14's Sound Replacement