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Adds 29 dungeons, 3 boss gauntlets, a quest and many new items to NV!

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This mod is a large-scale remastering of my three previous Mighty Dungeons mods, massively improving them and adding a heap of new content 
as well. Overall, it adds 29 new dungeons, three boss gauntlets, many new items including a new currency, along with a simple quest to complete.

Here is what is new/different in the trilogy:

The New Stuff
** Quest & Central Hub - Access every dungeon from a central hub, which has a fully-voiced merchant, Watts. He offers a quest to unlock an entirely new area.
** Brand New Dungeons - Three new, challenging dungeons await in the area unlocked through the Watts' quest.
** Items - Many new items have been added with unique textures and properties.
** MD Tokens - A new currency that you can find throughout your loot that has a variety of uses.
** Unique Creatures - Several creatures have been given unique looks in the form of retextures.

The Changes
** Overhauled Level Design - Every dungeon has been upgraded in terms of detail, lighting and fx. Smaller dungeons have been expanded with more areas to explore.
** Better Balance - All enemies have leveled variants to provide a consistent, fair challenge. AI has also been improved/fixed for many of them.
** Improved Loot - Loot now is much more fun and has more variety, along with it also being rebalanced.
** All Dungeons Now Replayable - All enemies as well as most loot now respawn, allowing you to play through each dungeon as many times as you want.
** Overall Organization/Fixes -  The content from all three mods have been organized so that they fit well together. Redundant things have been removed. Many minor issues from the originals have been fixed as well.

Important Notes

***All of the content of this mod is accessed from The MD Hub, which will immediately be available to fast travel to, close to Boulder City.***
***If you have any of the old Mighty Dungeons mods installed, uninstall them before playing this***

- This mod requires the four main DLCs - Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road.
- The mod is compatible with just about every other mod, as it only adds content and doesn't alter anything vanilla.

Install & Uninstall

Install and Uninstall with your preferred mod manager. Make sure the .esp is active in your load order.

***Make sure to install the patch as well - overwrite with it when prompted.***

Optionally, you can also manually install by dropping the files in your game's Data folder, and activating the .esp in your launcher. Uninstall by deactivating the .esp then deleting the mod's files.


Voice credit for Watts goes to Wyatt Henry - thanks!

Also a big thank-you to the Nexus/YouTube community for playing/supporting my mods over the years - I really appreciate it!

If you don't mind spoilers, then be sure to check out this awesome video of the mod by Alchestbreach!