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A Metro-inspired wrist watch that shows you things like time.

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  • Mandarin

This mod adds a Metro-inspired, fully functional and animated wrist watch with some extra features.
This mod is part of the Project B42

Ice on your wrist
Shows in-game or real life time, month, date, and a day of week
Fancy animations
Sneak status indicator
Health status indicator
Radiation counter
Radiation meter
Glows in the dark
Can roleplay Artyom

Grab one from Doc Mitchell's house (on a fireplace), or use MCM to get it, equip it, and have fun! Press watch key (X by default) to inspect it.

Inspect watch key: let's you select the key to inspect your fancy wristwatch
Show real world time: shows you real life time & date
Zoom-in on watch: player will bring the hand with the watch closer to camera
Frame indicator: let's you select from several indication modes:
Indicator disabled: disables indicator completely
Sneak status only: will make indicator show your sneaking\detection status. Even if you're not sneaking\crouching
Health status only: will show your health status
Sneak only if crouching: same as sneak status only, but will work only if you're sneaking
Sneak if crouching, health if not: will show your sneaking status if you are sneaking\crouching, and your health status if you're not.
Animation cut-off: enable this option if you have 1st person animation replacers, or if you encounter displaced fingers bug while using wristwatch
I've lost my watch, I want it back!: this will give you a watch.
Debug: enable this option if you have problems with the mod, then in-game hold watch key, make a screenshot, and send it to me.
For debug you need User Interface Organizer installed

- I have a problem, something doesn't work
- Use debug option in MCM (you User Interface Organizer for it), hold watch key, make a screenshot, send it to me.

- Doesn't show up on my hand in 1st person, what do?
- Download latest JIP LN NVSE

- With Enhanced camera, if I look down at my body while looking at watch, I can see 4 arms, what do?
- Either turn off 3rd person arms off (by setting bVisibleArmsWeaponHolstered to 0 in enhanced cam settings), or don't look. I can't fix it.

- It clips through my armor. What do?
- Use a different armor. I can't fix clipping. At least not at the moment.

- Will you make digital version?
- Absolutely, but not in the near future.

- Is this it? Only one watch model? No more features?
- No, there's definitely more to come, once I get my hands on a better watch 3D model

- Watch model looks very bad by the way
- Yeah, I know, 3D artists charge a lot, so I had to do with what I had.

- Does this work with [modname] mod?
- Probably. If it doesn't - let me know.

Should be okay with everything, but mods that change your FOV in-game (like FOVSlider) will have hands model FOV set to the setting written in your ini files, while using wristwatch. Basically, set your FOV before you game.
Watch uses Body Add-on 2 armor slot, so mods that use the same slot will have issues, for example "Armed to the Teeth".
Forced-equipped armors via script, with that same slot, most likely will cause problems as well.

JIP LN NVSE Plugin starting from version 55.15
The Mod Configuration Menu
Latest NVSE
User Interface Organized (only if you want to use debug functionality)

Install required mods first. They are essential and without them – this mod will not work.
"B42 Wristwatch" mod installs like any other mod, manually or using a mod manager.
I recommend the latter for easy uninstallation.
Un-installation is same as installation, but in reverse.

JazzIsParis for all the magic
EPDGaffney for fantastic new 3D model
OhDeerSKR for incredible new textures
Weijiesen for sexy new envmaps
Hitman47101 for fantastic animations, bugfixing, testing, moral support and just being the best teammate.
Tubby for being a last minute day saviour, making a watch case texture
cilantro guy, for being a dumb code monkey
4A for Metro games that are endless inspiration
Obsidian for Fallout New Vegas
NVSE for all the good stuff

Xil's Youtube
Hitman's Youtube