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4K Retextures of all casual/civilian ranger outfits and hats.

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As the first step in a vanilla-style NCR overhaul, I decided to give the casual/civilian ranger outfits a little love. The new textures include realistic materials, stitching, and fixes to the vanilla designs.

Introducing, PM's HD Ranger Outfits: "Home, home on the range."


  • 7 brand new textures in your choice of 4K, 2K, or 1K
  • New HD normal maps
  • Designs that emulate vanilla for maximum lore-friendliness
  • An unmistakable urge to say "howdy, y'all"


  • Red scarf outfit
  • Vest outfit
  • Casual outfit
  • Brown hat
  • Grey hat
  • Tan hat


You know the drill, just whack these bad boys in your mod manager of choice.

For the best visual-to-performance ratio, I would recommend 2K. If you're unwilling to go higher than vanilla size, even the 1K textures should offer a visual upgrade due to increased detail and fixes. See the images for a comparison.


The Ranger patrol armor and hat aren't covered here due to macintroll's excellent texture from Wasteland Clothing Hires. Go grab that to complete the set, if you haven't already.

As always, the Photoshop documents have been provided so that you can tweak and tinker with each and every layer until your heart's content.

A final aside; this is my 10th mod! I've learned a lot about visual design and software across my small time texturing, and connected with some great people. Each project has provided me with an opportunity to learn about something completely alien to me (medical ingredients, ammunition, fabrics, etc.). It's nice to do something that I enjoy and to learn from your feedback and support. Hopefully I can continue to bring you stuff that enhances your enjoyment of New Vegas in some small way. Thanks!

That's all for now. If you enjoy this, don't forget to endorse, and check out my other mods: PM's HD Legion Overhaul, PM's HD Ammo Boxes, PM's Med-Textures, and more.