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Adds a balanced expansion to ammo recipes. Removes the tags from the end of item names, but that won't cause any conflicts.

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Ever try to craft explosive .50 MG when you first got started? Getting pretty sick of having to wait for Vendortron to restock? Wish that ammo crafting was more versatile, so that you could craft more than just basic ammo or hand loaded ammo? Or maybe you want to craft the bulk/surplus variants of ammo. Perhaps you wanted to revert energy ammo variants into the normal variant. Well this fixes that, with balanced requirements that follow the logic set forth in game along with adding a breakdown for each munition.

Craftable Ammo (all variants)

.45-70 Gov't
.50 MG
Energy Cell
Microfusion Cell
Electron Charge Pack
20 Ga.
12 Ga.
.32 (not because of me, this is a TTW mod)
Railway Spikes
Alien Ammunition Conversion thanks to Piber20
Flechettes (requires his mod, Flechettes Restored)
Flamer Fuel

This mod REQUIRES Flechettes Restored and TTW. Piber's Alien Ammo Conversion mod is merged into this mod, so that is not necessary to download, and is in fact redundant when combined with my mod. No, I will not be making a mod that puts your disgusting (GRA) and such tags back, you can do that as a patch yourself. No I will not make a version not requiring the said mods, nor a mod not requiring any DLCs.

Installation goes as any .esp normally goes, so have at it. Do it in reverse if you don't like the mod for some reason.