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Explore a narrative-driven dungeon near Hidden Valley and Continue my Mojave Master Series.

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Requires Updated Mojave Master Plugin to Function...I swear to God I'll come to your house and give you a Copy of Fallout 76 if you comment about missing textures and meshes...

Continue your journey through the Mojave Master Series with Paladin Sylvester and a new character: Phantom.  This may be a small plugin, but it definitely gives a lot of lore for future installments. Yes, this was uploaded before but I took it down because of its unplayable state.

 I took away the requirement for the player to have completed "A Paladin's Dream" but if you are wondering where Paladin Sylvester first appeared, then I would suggest you play through Saving Camp Searchlight's side Quest: A Paladin's Dream.  It isn't extremely significant you do so because I took away the completion requirement, but he does reference the quest in his dialogue.

Starting the Mod
Upon starting up your game you will receive a message and a radio signal, starting the quest seeking Washington.

Voice Acting:
Everyone is voice acted except for Paladin Sylvester, unfortunately his voice actor couldn't get a quiet space to record so I chose to leave him unvoiced instead of me voice acting him because that'd just be weird.

Everyone else is voice acted by your's truly except for Herodotus.

Choice and Consequence
I haven't been mentioning this as much as I should in the previous descriptions but I will this time, every mod has a few lines of scripting that record your choices into your save file, so make sure you keep that save after you play my mods.  

Choices in this: There's only one choice to make in this, it's whether you save Herodotus or not, it of course will come up in later installments (Two installments from now to be precise)