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The Wrangler mod supports a cowboy character who is fully at home in the wasteland. Sleep outdoors, go longer with water -- with your trusty revolver and your trail knife, make the desert your base and play as a drifter.

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The Wrangler mod supports a character who is fully at home in the wasteland. 
You will start with two useful perks:  Home on the Range from Honest Hearts, and Roughin' It from Lonesome Road.  Together, they make it possible to sleep with full benefits at beds outdoors and almost all campfires.  (The west campfire at Goodsprings Source is an exception:  it's tied to the tutorial quest and only supports crafting.)  There's also a guitar in the Lucky 38 presidential suite, based on the Roughin' It bedroll from Lonesome Road.  You can find a canteen just inside Doc Mitchell's house, as well as a trail knife and some simple clothing.
You can craft cowboy-oriented clothing and armor at the Workbench.  Most of it requires salvaged cloth, which you can recover at the workbench from Powder Gangers armor.  All of the outfits give special benefits.  (For example, the Ghostrider outfit adds a stealth field during sneaking.  It's not as strong as a Stealth Boy, but it's useful and does not self-destruct.)
I've added a blued steel Desperado .44 revolver, as a more "cowboy" alternative to That Gun.  You can make one at the workbench from any .44 revolver and a weapon repair kit.  The enhanced action of this revolver gives it increased damage per second, and it is an "improved holdout" weapon.  If you use the Desperado revolver, you'll want more .44 magnum ammunition than the game provides.  10mm ammunition is very close in diameter, so the Wrangler mod allows you to convert 10mm ammunition to .44 magnum ammunition at the reloading bench.  
The mod also adds a trail knife based on the bowie knife from Lonesome Road, which makes melee combat more useful.  The trail knife is a holdout weapon.
I recommend getting the Cowboy perk at 8th level.  You will need skill of at least 45 in both Guns and Melee combat.  Both the blued steel Desperado revolver and the trail knife benefit from this perk.
With this mod, Goodsprings makes a very good player base, with most of the benefits of a Player Home.  See the Goodsprings Player Base text file at the end of this Readme for more details.