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I got told this happens in first-people shootie games like the Half of Life, what do I know. Made by request.

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Highly configurable thingamayoke that plays a sound when you're low on ammo, with 'sound' and 'low on ammo' defined by the infinite possibilities of your imagination.  It of course ships with ten nice options and you may never need to bother customising it, but you can if you like.

It has MCM and INI.  Use either one (that means, MCM supported, but MCM not required).  Here's the INI file to demonstrate configurability:

;REMEMBER: These settings have prefixes that mean something.
;        i-integer, use whole numbers, no decimals.
;        b-bool, 0 is off and 1 is on.
;        f-float, decimals are allowed.

;    0-No effect
;    1-Closing a menu will cause the game to replace all current settings with those in this INI
;        file and will then attempt to reset this setting to 0. If the file is open or marked
;        read-only, the reset operation may fail.
;    2-Any time the game is launched or a save is loaded, it will replace all current settings
;        with those in this INI file.
;    3-Closing a menu will cause the game to replace all current settings with those in this INI
;        file and will NOT attempt to reset this setting to 0.
;    Default: 0

;    0-Mod is off.
;    1-Mod is on.
;    Default: 1

;    0-iMin and iMax count each round as one shot.
;    1-iMin and iMax divide a weapon's maximum capacity by how much ammunition it uses per shot.
;    EXAMPLE: The Multiplas Rifle holds 30 cells but uses 3 cells per shot. If bAmmoMult=0,
;        30 shots will be used for iMin and iMax calculations, whilst if bAmmoMult=1, the
;        weapon will be considered to have 10 shots.
;    Default: 1

;iMin-In order to play low-ammo warning sounds, a weapon must be able to fire this many times from
;    full capacity. If bAmmoMult=1, full capacity is divided by the amount of ammo used per shot;
;    otherwise, the number of bullets/cells/whatever in the full magazine/cylinder/whatever must
;    be above iMin.
;    EXAMPLE: If iMin is at its default value of 20, and bAmmoMult=0, a Multiplas Rifle will
;        trigger low-ammo warning sounds because it holds 30 MFCs. However, if bAmmoMult=1,
;        because the weapon uses 3 MFCs per shot, the weapon will be considered to have 10
;        shots, which is below 20, iMin's value in this example, and thus the weapon will be
;        ignored for low-ammo warning sounds if bAmmoMult=1.
;    Default: 20

;iMax-IF SET ABOVE 0, low-ammo warning sounds will not play until the number of shots/rounds (see
;    bAmmoMult) left in the weapon is below this number.
;    EXAMPLE: If iMax is at its default value of 10, and bAmmoMult=0, a MultiPlas Rifle, which
;        at full capacity contains 30 MFCs, will not trigger low-ammo warning sounds until
;        it has fired 20 rounds, or because the weapon fires 3 rounds per shot, 7 shots.
;        If bAmmoMult=1, because the weapon can only fire 10 shots from full capacity, in
;        this example it passes the iMax check of 10 before a shot has been fired.
;    Default: 10

;    0-For every shot fired once the weapon contains fewer units of ammunition than specified by
;        iThresh, the low-ammo warning sound will be played, its volume and pitch dependent
;        on how close the weapon is to being empty.
;    1-The low-ammo warning sound will play only once until the player reloads, changes weapons,
;        or reĆ«quips the weapon.
;    EXAMPLE: If all settings for this mod are at their defaults, a 10mm SMG will trigger a low-
;        ammo warning sound once it contains 10 rounds or fewer. If bOnce=0, it will play
;        this sound every time the weapon is fired until it is empty. If bOnce=1, it will
;        play the sound one time, when the weapon first fires and its ammo count is 10 or
;        under, and the sound will not play again until the player has reloaded, changed
;        weapons, or equipped the 10mm SMG again.
;    NOTE: This INI setting applies only to Non-Energy Weapons.  See bOnceEnergy for
;        corresponding Energy Weapons option.
;    Default: 0

;bOnceEnergy-Same as bOnce but applies only to Energy Weapons.
;    Default: 1

;iThresh-The low-ammo warning sound will be triggered once the amount of ammunition remaining in the
;    weapon is equal to the per centage of full capacity designated by this value.
;    EXAMPLE: The 10mm SMG holds 30 rounds. If iThresh is at its default value of 15, assuming
;        iMin and iMax requirements are satisfied, the low-ammo warning sound will play once
;        the weapon contains 15% or less of its full capacity, or in this case, 4 bullets.
;    Default: 15

;iSound-Tells the game which low-ammo warning sound to use (Sound0, Sound1, Sound2, Sound3, &c.),
;        from LASSound0 to LASSound9, for Non-Energy Weapons.
;    Default: 0

;iSoundEnergy-Same as iSound but applies only to Energy Weapons.
;    Default: 5

    ;0-Plays low-ammo warning sound in 2D like a UI sound.
    ;1-Plays sound in 3D with the player as the source of the sound.
    ;Default: 0

;fVol: All sounds in the game have a maximum volume of 0, and their static attenuation is the amount
;    by which the source file is lowered when it plays.
;    If bOnce=0: Offsets low-ammo sound's static attenuation by this amount.
;    If bOnce=1: Sets low-ammo sound's static attenuation to this value.
;    Default:-10

;The following INI keys designate the file path of each sound, relative to the
;    Fallout New Vegas\Data\Sound folder. You can set them to anything you want (within the Sound
;    folder), and if a usable sound exists at that path, it will play.
;    By default, Sounds 0-4 use click-type (mostly vanilla) source files that are subtle and intended to
;    be used when bOnce=0, whilst Sounds 5-9 use custom sounds that sound more like UI and are
;    intended to be used when bOnce=1.


I'll consider this a Post-HUD World module and merge it in with the others, even though I have a UI-based ammo checker in the works that I like more for balance.  Adding features to this is possible on request.  I toyed with making it require a perk, but I think most people downloading it stand-alone wouldn't want to need a perk for it.  I may add that to the final Post-HUD World merge however, when I finish it when my age is 95.

Version 2.0 Update:

Now Energy Weapons have one sound and everything else has another sound, and the Once per 'Ammo Session' option is now separated into Energy Weapons vs Non-Energy Weapons as well.  The other settings are still global.

However, the more powerful part of the update is the LowAmmoWarningSounds - Override.ini file, which allows you to add a weapon's editor ID to any sound group you want (Sound0 - Sound9, NoSound, Energy Weapons Sound, Non-Energy Weapons Sound), and specify a Once per 'Ammo Session' value for that specific weapon.  The instructions in LowAmmoWarningSounds - Override.ini  are ideally adequate but if you have questions on how to do it, feel free to ask.

You do need JohnnyGuitar NVSE now, as well as the latest xNVSE, and the latest JIP LN NVSE.  bLoadEditorIDs should remain set to 1 in Johnny Guitar's INI, which is the default setting.

2.0 Credits:
for constantly asking me to separate the Energy Weapons, for a year, never thinking I would do it.  Careful what you wish for, Hitman.  You just might get it.
karut for pretending he would make me new INI functions.
Everyone that used this mod for two years and never complained that the INI file didn't work because it was named wrong.  You're the real heroes here.

A word to modders:
The old title was simply Low-Ammo Sounds, so if you wanted to have a look through my stuff, the prefix is LAS, not LAWS, because I didn't realise how cool LAWS was until five minutes before I released it.  Also, it has no master, not even the base game, so it loads super fast.  That means don't load up any other files in GECK unless you know what you're doing, including the base game.


Do what you want but credit me, and ideally, contact me, just because it interests me to see what people are doing with my work if they found it useful in their own work.  I don't mandate anything, but not crediting original authors is kind of a wrong thing to do, and what you want to be is correct, isn't it?  Exactly.