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Reduces the reward for snowglobes from 2000 to 500.

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This mod reduces the reward Jane gives you for snowglobes from 2000 to 500. 


Snowglobes are an easy way to make caps. Jane pays 2000 caps for each snowglobe, which means 14000 easy caps plus 6000 for the globes from Zion, Big MT and Lonesome Road. Sounds a bit too much to me, especially if you play with Economy Overhaul which doesn't alter the amount of caps you get from snowglobes. 500, in my view, is a more balanced reward. There are two versions of this mod, one only affects the Mojave snowglobes while the other takes care of the DLCs snowglobes, including the Sierra Madre one (from 2000 to 500 chips). Also, the DLC version changes the displayed value for DLC snowglobes from 2000 to 2 to match the Mojave globes (see screenshots). Do not use together!



The DLC version requires Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road.



The only mod I know that reduces/changes the amount of caps from snowglobes is Vicious Wastes. Do not use this with VW. My mod is intended to be used with Economy Overhaul which doesn't alter the amount of caps you get from snowglobes. If the author of Economy Overhaul will ever address this, I'll hide my mod.



If you don't like to magically get the caps when picking a DLC snowglobe, use Snowglobe Tweaks - FIXED with No Messages by Nehred.