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A mod In which aims to Re-texture most of, if not all of the architecture in dead money (4k) 2.0 Released

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About :
Hello all! I've recently been playing through dead money for the millionth time as it is my favorite DLC and I came to the realization that nobody had made a re-texture for it, so I took it upon myself to do so, this mod is currently a WIP and will be updated over time, my goal is to re-texture all of the architecture in dead money itself. I'm still new to this so keep in mind, there may be a few bugs, (shiny textures, etc)

Feel free to join my discord server 


not exactly a requirement but i do recommend my vending machine retexture/replacer, i can't upload it here since it contains assets from bioshock, check it out on GUN https://www.gunetwork.org/t19240-vending-machine-retexture-fnv

As of now, this mod contains textures for: 
The whole of the villa architecture
The roofs
The stairs
Vending Machines 
Brick walls
Hotel carpet (office, theater, and Suites)
Office Doors
The restaurant
Executive suites
The Tampico
Villa Cobblestone
and more

Incompatibilities :
Obviously incompatible with anything that touches the textures inside of dead money, other than that, should be none as to its just .dds files

Installation & un-installation:
 I recommend a mod manager as you can easily Install/uninstall but otherwise, just drag and drop into the NV data 

Sneaky Preview 

Pfuscher for the cobblestone texture
Exalerion for the fountain texture
Printerkop for all the help