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This mod replaces lakelurks, mirelurk kings, and the swamplurk queens with a high quality, next-gen model and 4k textures.

Permissions and credits
I'll be brief.

Manual install is recommended. This is a straight replacer so no esp is needed. 

This mod is only possible thanks to the work of Arthur Palmeira (seen here: ArtStation - Mirelurk King) and the retopologization + texture baking from TheFriedTurkey. A huge thanks to both of them. 

I rigged these things and did a little tweaking here and there as necessary. 

Please note that the original animations of the lakelurks suck pretty bad at times. If you pay attention to them now because you're examining this mod, be aware that it's not the fault of this mod. 

Yes, there is a lakelurk king in the camp guardian caves. I might do something with him eventually, but it's not worth holding up the release of this mod in the mean time.