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This mod fixes TTW - Monster Mod by removing all extra ghouls.

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I love TTW - Monster Mod, but it's currently broken because some of the ghouls it adds crash the game when you see them. This patch removes all extra ghouls from TTW - Monster Mod so that we can enjoy all the other neato creatures. I couldn't figure out which specific ghoul from the monster mod causes crashes because these garbage ass gamebryo engines provide piss poor error logging, so I had to axe all of the ghouls to get this mod working.

To use this patch: Remove the original .esp file, "Immersive Wildlife - original.esp" from your load order and replace it with "Immersive Wildlife - no ghoul fix.esp".

This is meant for TTW version 3.2.

NOTES AND UPDATES, please read

10-19-2020 - This mod still causes crashes when you get close to Canterbury Commons. I can't figure out which creature causes it, but I'm guessing that it's a giant ant or robot used by the AntAgonizer and Mechanist when you first discover Canterbury Commons. If you get sudden freezes, disable this mod before you enter Canterbury Commons, the Mechanist's lair, or the AntAgonizer's lair, and then enable it again after you leave.