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Adds 30, or so, new custom weapons to Courier 6's expansive arsenal

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there were a few weapons originally uploaded by my older, now defunct profile "BobSwaget12345678913"

I have since expanded on those ideas and even created 20 or so more weapons to add to the list.

This project is the culmination of years of work. Not continuous, of course, but done sporadically over time.

I struggle with depression and a lot of the time it kills my motivation to do anything, but after a little help from my friend Ganj, the creative juices could once again flow like the mighty Missisippi!

"Where are these wonderous means of murder located?" you might be thinking... Well, let me tell ya!

They are located in a massive Shitheap in the bighorn pen in the center of Goodsprings. Said shitheap is locked though and you'll need to search for the key somewhere above the shitheap itself. It shant be too difficult.

Each weapon has several mods and certain weapons (MP5, Blaster Rifle (OP)) can be modified at the workbench using a few common parts!

I might also mention that I initially wanted to spread the weapons throughout the Mojave, but I lost the motivation to do so. Still, you might come across them in your travels, along with notes telling of the weapons lore (all of which can be found in the shitheap if you care to read)

Some of the locations are:
Camp Golf
No Man's Land (Camp Forlorn Hope)
Behind Cliff Briscoe's Bungalo
Ivanpah Dry Lake
and other places i cannot remember... Good Luck!

Thanks to bethesda for making the game and the GECK and thanks to whomever created Nif.Skope, Blender, and GIMP.

I hope you all enjoy!