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Adds colorful deathclaws with the ability to turn invisible.

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Based off of the Chameleon Deathclaw from Fallout 4, this mod adds a new deathclaw variant with the ability to turn invisible! That means no more easy VATS kills- have a keen eye and hone that aim well! With 19 current color variants, and maybe more to come!

They have been added to the deathclaw leveled list, so they appear at the Deathclaw Sanctuary and Dead Wind tunnels. They do not spawn on the Sloan road, as to not offset the game balance there.

With anything that edits the DeathclawMed leveled list. I also changed the templates in order for the script to work. A simple merge patch will get them to appear, but it will break their cloaks. The patch must be edited to enable script templates.

How it Works

They use the Nightkin Stealth Script to appear when they attack, and disappear when combat ends. Their colors work via leveled list. In order to spawn with the cloak ability I had to enable script templating from their leveled creature marker. This may cause minor issues that need extra patching.

If anybody knows how to "animate" their texture so that they change color, I would like to know!

Future Plans
More color variants! Animated texture? Better invisibility script?

Sir Squidly for helping teach me how to texture!
Bethesda and Obsidian for Fallout and the Deathclaws!