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By very popular request, I have compiled all of my Wasteland Presence mods that account for NCR, Legion, House, Brotherhood of Steel, and Great Khans. All of them are using the most up to date versions of each mod that was posted separately.

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Thank you everyone for being so patient! I have finally compiled all of my Wasteland Presence mods with the most up to date versions of each of them. I will post the details of each one here in case you haven't heard of my mods before.


Do you find it immersion breaking when you lift the lockdown for the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, yet the Brotherhood still remain in their bunker without any presence on the outside?

Well, this mod addresses that! After completing the quests, "Tend to Your Business" or "Eyesight to the Blind", depending on which Elder is in command, Brotherhood of Steel Paladins will spawn and patrol the area in four different locations. The first is at the front entrance of Hidden Valley, the second is in front of the REPCONN Headquarters, the third is on top of Black Mountain, and the fourth is inside the Silver Rush. The Paladins at the Silver Rush will kill the Van Graffs and then leave right after. They are set to travel back to Hidden Valley to patrol the northern perimeter fence.

These areas capture the interest of the Brotherhood of Steel as they posses significant amounts of high level technology. The Paladins are set to respawn in case they are killed during combat with the Super Mutants of Black Mountain, or the Van Graffs of Silver Rush. This mod effectively gives the feeling of power being restored to the Brotherhood of Steel after completing their quest-line and ending their lockdown.

To specifically trigger the Brotherhood of Steel patrols to spawn, you must first become a member of the Brotherhood of Steel as well as gain access to their safehouse from the current Elder. Once entering the safehouse bunker, and walking through it, the Paladins will then be spawned into the Wasteland to fulfill their duty.


Do you find it odd that the Great Khans are rarely seen outside of their home in Red Rock Canyon? This mod addresses it by adding Great Khans to three lore friendly locations in the Mojave Wasteland. The first is at the Junction 15 Railway Station, where Great Khans will set up as an outpost, the second is outside Bonnie Springs, where they often clash with the Viper gang members, and the last spot is outside the South Vegas Ruins East Entrance, where the Khans are interested in keeping this area clear from drug crazed fiends for their drug runners heading into Vault 3.

Before you ask, the Fiends outside Vault 3 will fight the Great Khans because they are so messed up on chems that they attack anyone. This can be proven by wearing a Great Khan disguise, the fiends outside Vault 3 will attack you but the fiends inside are sober enough to not attack you. The same goes to the actual Great Khan members.


Have you ever found it odd that Mr. House does not send any of his Securitrons to areas that he wants the Courier to investigate? This is especially strange if the Courier never makes contact with Mr. House or agrees to carry out his plans. To address this, Securitron patrols are added to three locations in the Mojave Wasteland. These areas are places that House is directly interested in, so Securitrons are sent to monitor and patrol their outskirts.

These locations include: Field's Shack, which is just outside the Boomer's territory, outside the northern perimeter fence of Hidden Valley, and east of El Dorado Substation. These are areas that the Courier is sent to, as well as areas that Mr. House has significant intel on, so it makes sense that Securitrons are present to keep tabs on these places.

This mod also swaps out the Mark I Securitrons with Mark II Securitrons for these patrols as soon as the player enters the Lucky 38 Basement for the showcase presented by Mr. House or Yes Man when the platinum chip is delivered. In addition, this mod adds Securitron corpses to both the artillery field of Nellis Air Force Base as well as inside Hidden Valley, near the front gate.

Before you ask, there are several pieces of dialogue that indicate Mr. House has sent Securitron scouts to at least some of these areas. Through dialogue with mother pearl, we know that she mentions "Seclusion has kept us safe. but the world around us is changing. Neon lights in the distance, patrolling robots, soldiers..." She mentions patrolling robots which is referring to House's Securitrons in the Wasteland, near Nellis Air Force Base, specifically.

As for the Brotherhood of Steel, House talks about sending Securitron scouts to Hidden Valley, House says through dialogue "Since 2278, I've lost five roaming Securitrons near Hidden Valley." He also continues with "I didn't receive any clear video of the incidents, but telemetry from the units destroyed indicates they were attacked with energy weapons. "

All of these quotes are taken directly from dialogue in the game. As for the Securitrons near Hidden Valley, it is expected that they will likely be destroyed, however keeping a presence in the location gives House telemetry as well as an opportunity to assist the Courier when he/she is sent to Hidden Valley to fight the Brotherhood of Steel ,


Have you ever wanted a little more action while on the road to your next destination? Or maybe you are allied with the NCR or Legion and are having trouble with the constant hit squads sent by your enemies, and could use a little help from your  allies?

In any case, this mod will add four new patrols on the East side of the Mojave Wasteland! The first two patrols belong to the NCR and they patrol the roads between Novac and Helios One, as well as the roads between the 188 Trading Post and the NCR Sharecropper Farms. The Legion, on the other hand, will also have two patrol that operate between Cottonwood Cove and near the Highway 95 Viper Encampment, as well as between the Legion Raiding Camp and Nipton.

NCR patrols consist of four NCR troopers, one of which leads the others, whereas the Legion patrols consist of one Prime Decanus that leads three recruit legionaries. All of them are set to respawn in the event that they are killed during their patrol. If a leader dies, the patrol will wait until he has respawned before continuing.

The reason why the West side of the map goes un-patrolled is due to multiple instances in dialogue that states the NCR no longer patrols the roads. In Sloan, Chomps Lewis states that the NCR never showed up to help them after the convicts broke out of the NCRCF. In Primm, Lieutenant Hayes states that they are severely undermanned and cannot even clear the escaped convicts in Primm. And lastly, the at the Mojave Outpost, Ranger Jackson states that he does not have any troopers available to clear out the road and open up the trade route, thus he enlists the player to do it.