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Bright Vision enb - a graphical enhancement based off the latest enb binaries (0.322)

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Author : George1010
Name : Bright Vision ENB

Description :

A personal ENB of mine which I have been working on for quite some time, the point of this preset is to give the wasteland a bright, lively feel while still maintaining the feel of a desert. The mod currently features full night-vision support as well as every other feature that most ENBs have, such as DOF, SSAO and SweetFX.

Requirements :
47 Plugin (ttw patch included)
Latest ENB binaries 

Incompatibilities :
This ENB is currently incompatible with any weather mod other than 47 skies, but may be updated in the future. It works with RWL and Nevada skies, although doesn't look as good and doesn't give the same feel that 47 does.

Recommended Mods :

Ojo Bueno, NMC's Texture Pack, UHQ Terrain Overhaul, Superpele's Disordered ReTexture Pack,
Mojave Sandy Desert (optional)

Installation :
Extract everything from the .zip folder into the New Vegas directory and activate the .esp
Turn anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering off in the new vegas launcher and activate hdr, ensure that steam overlay is disabled and water displacement is also off to prevent transparency bugs.

Sneaky Preview


Cheers to Vet for the showcase 

Boris for creating enb series
Hitman47101 for creating 47 Weather esp
Printerkop for creating 47 Weather's sexy clouds
Burner9875 and yunglmao for testing the enb
Ncrvet for showcasing my enb
Tru3th for the sexy palette