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Changes some gameplay elements to be more similar to Fallout 1/ 2.

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CFGO is a gameplay and balance tweak mod to make the game feel more like Fallout 1/2 while accounting for the new FPS design and higher level caps, as well as making sure the player wasn't completely underpowered

What it Does:
• PC Health Formula changed to "50+(END*10)+((LVL-1)*7.5)". (In Fallout 1/2 the formula is "15+STR+(2*END)+((LVL-1)*((END*0.5)+2))", I merged the STR initial bonus into END, for the level health I used 5 END, and I took each section and multiplied by 3.3 and rounded up)
• Carry Capacity Formula changed to "25+(STR*25)".
• Skill Points per Level reduced to "5+INT" to account for higher level cap, but get +20 tag bonus.
• Strength over 5 increases melee and unarmed damage by 10%, no dynamic strength buff as damage increases from skill.
• Agility over 5 reduces enemy crit chance by 10% to simulate classic Armor Class.
• Weapon damage no longer decreases when condition is low.
• DT Bleedthrough reduced to 10% of damage, and DR max increased to 90%.
• Vendor sell prices are now uneffected by Barter, however buy prices are much more punishing. (Yes, this is how it is in Fallout 1 and 2)
• Heal Rate is now always applied to the player and based on current Endruance. (That means if you have 1 END you have a heal rate of 1, if you have 12 END you have a heal rate of 12, ect)
• Pickpocket formula changed to be like the one in Fallout 2.

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DT Multiplier and DR Adder: If you want DT and DR values similar to F1/2, set DT Mult to 0.5x, and set DR Percent to about 350-450x depending on armor classes.