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This mod brings the classic Remington Model 8 sporting and police rifle to the Mojave, complete with custom meshes, 4K textures, sounds, and icons.

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The Remington Model 8 was designed by John Moses Browning in 1900, and produced by the Remington arms company between 1905 and 1950. It uses Browning's unique long-recoil action, which was originally developed for the Auto-5 shotgun. In this system, the bolt and barrel are locked together via a lug on the bolt (shotguns typically used a single-lug tilting bolt and rifles like the Remington used a rotating bolt). The barrel moves backward along with the bolt during recoil. At the end of travel, the bolt locks back and the lug is cammed open. The barrel then slams forward, stripping the empty case out of the chamber and ejecting it. When the barrel resets, it trips a bar which releases the bolt, chambering a new cartridge. This system keeps the action closed until pressure has dropped to a safe level, without the use of a gas system.

The rifles were offered in four proprietary Remington calibers: .25, .30, .32, and .35 Remington, along with .300 Savage. These cartridges rival the performance of a .308, so the in-game gun is chambered in .308.

The original design fed from a 5-round, non-detachable box magazine, reloaded with stripper clips. However, several companies converted the rifles to accept detachable magazines. Magazine capacities of up to 15 rounds were produced for police use. In fact, Texas Ranger Frank Hamer used a customized police model 8 with an extended magazine to ambush and kill Bonnie and Clyde on May 23, 1934. The rifle was also used to a limited extent in World War I by the French Air Force, in its stock configiration. The Model 8 was developed specifically as an autoloading hunting rifle for medium to large game, but it was later marketed to military and police forces in the United States. Despite its power, speed, and high capacity, it was never adopted in large numbers due to its high cost and complicated action.

Several variants of the Remington Model 8 were made. The rifle was sold in Europe under the FN name, with some parts slightly modified. In 1936, Remington improved the design to the Model 81 Woodsmaster, which had a curved rifle grip, and a longer forearm. 

This mod was calibrated to work best with vanilla animations but animation packs work fairly well too.

Click here to view the model: https://p3d.in/Kuggo



  • Custom mesh
  • Custom 4K textures
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom icon
  • Unique full-auto variant
  • Two attachments: an extended magazine and a scope


The gun and its mods are sold by Cliff Briscoe and the Gun Runners, though the chance they will sell the mods is low. A unique full-auto variant, Crimestopper, is rather ironically in the possession of a certain criminal. If you read the gun's history in the introduction, and you can probably guess who it is.

Alternatively, the gun can be obtained via console commands. The base ID is "xx000ade", where "xx" is the mod's position in your load order.
The extended mag is "xx000add".
The scope  is "xx001638".


To install the mod, simply extract the folder labeled "Data" into your Fallout New Vegas main directory, and allow all folders to merge. Then, activate the .esp in your load order. Or, you could use the Mod Manager.


Meshes, textures, and icon made by TactaGhoul.

Sounds are from BF1