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An upgraded Listening Post for TTW at Lone Wolf Radio with a teleporter to your Capital Wasteland player home.

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*** TTW Required ***

I love the Listening Post Home by Gunslinger6792. It's functional, cozy, has some clever features, and always seems to be my go-to home when I just need to rest and refit. But as I played more I began thinking of little tweaks to personalize it to me. The biggest being a teleporter to quickly travel from the Mojave to my player home in DC. Little tweaks turned into almost a complete overhaul but I've tried to stay true to the coziness that Gunslinger6792 did so well. After a few weeks of reading wikis and learning how to do what I wanted, this is what I came up with. I had a blast figuring out how to accomplish my ideas and I hope others will enjoy it, too.

The concept of the Listening Post is that it's a pre-war government bunker designed to house a pair of intelligence agents. Their mission to surveil the nearby city of Las Vegas and, after a nuclear event, to infiltrate and repatriate any survivors during a period of government shutdown.

So what's different?


The home is now located at Lone Wolf Radio. It's a shady little spot with no monsters to spawn on you when you exit. I modifed the landscape to make it more secluded and defensible, and added a back story explaining the location, trailer included. The entrance is now a horizontal bunker door leading into the side of the mountain. The antenna farm is moved to a higher location and I created a flag system to fly from the tallest antenna. By clicking on the appropriate box near the flag pole, you can proudly fly any of 6 faction flags outside your home (Old US, BOS, FOTA, NCR, Legion, Great Khans), or no flag at all. The password to enter the bunker is located in a grave next to the antenna farm (no shovel required).


The core layout is still the same. I moved the main entrance and made some small additions. I didn't want to make it much bigger than it was. I overhauled all of the lighting and some cosmetic features. Every room will have its tactical red lights on when you first enter (your eyes need time to adjust when leaving the bunker on night missions). But every room has a light switch to turn on its white fluorescent lighting.


The facility was designed to support recon and infiltration missions after a nuclear event. But no sane survivor wants to track radioactive dust into their clean kitchen. So I added a way to decontaminate yourself before entering the bunker complete with visual and sound effects.


Running missions in a nuclear wasteland can be hazardous to your health and injuries are likely. So I created a clinic which you immediately enter after you decontaminate yourself. The infirmary and lab are here. I also created a garbage incinerator here to instantly destroy junk items. WARNING: The incinerator is scripted to destroy all items immediately on close.


The living room is purely cosmetic but really gives that feel that someone made this their home. I redesigned and added a few features to the kitchen including an expanded hydroponics area which grows ingredients for a desert salad (yes, pinyon nuts), and the coffee machine will dispense 1 cup of black coffee a day. The oven still functions as a campfire crating station. The garbage can is a respawning container.I also added a smoke detector and fire hose box because... well why do all underground kitchens not have this anyways?!


The redesigned computer room is cosmetic but makes the home look like it could really serve the listening post purpose. The terminal here contains the backstory. The other half of operations is still crafting and storage.


Moved the bathroom here and gave it some upgrades, still has the barber razor to change your hair. The biggest change here is the addition of the teleporter room.


This took me a bit to figure out how to make it do what I wanted it to do but I'm pretty proud of the result. To make the teleporter work, you first need the schematic located in the filing cabinet in operations. When this schematic is added to your notes, a new Megaton or Tenpenny Tower house upgrade item will be available to buy from either Moira Brown, Lydia Montenegro, or Michael Masters, depending on which DC home and quests you choose. You need to take the train one more time back to DC (TTW did an amazing job, enjoy the train) and buy the Homemade Teleporter Upgrade (valued at 10,000 caps). Once you buy this upgrade, new items will be added to either your Megaton or Tenpenny Tower home containing the teleporter to the Listening Post. You can now travel instantly between DC and the Mojave. If you have a mod or exploit allowing you to purchase both DC homes, choose one teleporter upgrade or the other. The teleporter doors in the Listening Post share the exact same location and will probably mesh so that only one will be usable.

I considered adding some other bells and whistles like the DLC vending machines but decided against it. There is no sortamatic. The only feature I'd really like to add are wall racks to display weapons but that's above my meager skills to create from scratch.

Gunslinger6792 made his original mod open source and I'm keeping my modifications free to use, too. Use my scripts or features how you'd like, just throw back some credit.

MUCH LOVE sent to Gunslinger6792 and the amazing TTW team!