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Ultimate Lairs adds twelve new dungeons, many new items and more to New Vegas!

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Welcome to Ultimate Lairs! This mod features twelve unique new dungeons to battle your way through, each with their own distinct look and atmosphere. Among the dungeons are an assortment of unique items, secrets and more!

Overall, the mod features:
- Twelve challenging new dungeons -
- Many new items -
- Unique retextured creatures -
- Fun, high-variance loot -
- Secrets and easter eggs -

Important Notes

- This mod requires the four main DLCs - Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road.

- The mod is compatible with just about everything as it only adds content to the game, and doesn't alter any vanilla content.

***All of the content of this mod is accessed from the Warp Room - the entrance to the Warp Room can be found next to the barracks at Mojave 

- The dungeons are fairly challenging - so be prepared before taking them on! The vendor in the Warp Room can provide you with plenty of supplies.

Install & Uninstall

Install and Uninstall with your preferred mod manager.

Optionally, you can manually install by just dropping the files into your game's Data folder and activating the .esp in the launcher, and to uninstall, deactivate the .esp and manually delete the files.


I have opted to not spoil too much of the mod's content in this description - play it, and enjoy the discovery! I hope you have a fun time, as that's 
always the goal with all of my mods. Thanks for playing.


If you aren't concerned with spoilers however, then be sure to check out Alchestbreach's awesome playthrough of the mod! Thanks Al!