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Adds functional laser sights that produce a dot on surfaces. Can be toggled on/off on the fly. Won't improve your aim. This mod is mostly for 'coolness' or just screenshots.

Permissions and credits

DESCRIPTION: This mod adds laser sights, with dynamic dot, to the vanilla weapons that have laser sights.The 10mm pistol, and NVDLC05's 12.7mm SMG. (DLC not required to use this mod.)
This is only for visual effect. For coolness, or screenshots. Doesn't line up with your shot.
The laser will be a little offset if your FOV is over 75!

INSTALLATIONUse a mod manager of your choice, or simply unzip the contents into your FNV/Data folder, then enable in FOMM (or the game's launcher, or whatever FOMM type mod enabler you use). 

FEATURES: By default you toggle the laser sight on by pressing 'X' on your keyboard. There is also an MCM menu with options for different colors: RED, BLUE, or GREEN. Toggle off by pressing X again.
Laser sight's beam produces a dot on any non-living surface it touches.

CREDITS: Hopper31 for once again being a patient, helpful individual and assisting me with both meshes
and code. Modders like him are rare and should be cherished. Me for the idea and visuals. 


Q: How can I apply this to other mods or my own?
A: Easy, just add a NiNode to the weapon's model (nif) using
Nifskope 2.0, and name that node ##ProjectileNodeAlt , DONE!
Set your node's scale to 1 for RED, 2 for GREEN, and 3 for BLUE.

QMy FOV is over 75 and the beam is offset, any way to fix this?
AYes, there is a way but it is beyond my capability.
You'd have to convince 'certain other modders' to come down and grace us.

QIt doesn't line up with my shots, is there a way to make it do this? 
AYes, refer to my previous answer.

Q''The real problem is - you move around - laser lags behind.''  X
A: If a minor amount of lag or drag bugs you, this isn't the mod for you. Kindly move along

If you don't like it, don't download, and definitely don't comment.