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Alternative meshes/outfits for some of the armors included in Junkacc11's Type4 body, following a more 'vanilla-friendly' style.

Permissions and credits

This mod contains replacements for certain outfits/armors from Junkacc11's brilliant T4 Body. You still need to download and install their mod first, and then this over the top.
Most credit goes to Junk, I just took their meshes and smushed them together! They also kindly answered a bunch of my questions! Also thanks to zzJay for allowing me to use their assets from the elegant jeans outfit!
Further outfits/armors will probably be released on a more ‘As and when’ basis! 

Currently the following armors are included:
  • Wasteland Wanderer - I've taken the tank from one of the other outfits (merc) and placed it underneath the zipped hoody.
  • Robco Jumpsuit - I've added an undershirt/top using assets from one of zzjays mods.
  • Leather - 2 versions: 1 very similar to the vanilla armor with an extra set of belts/bags added. Another with different boots/shoulder armor/belts etc. There is minor clipping on the belts/bags. I do plan on fixing that one day.
  • Sheriff Outfit - Added a shirt from one of the NCR civilian/ranger outfits and radio/strap. I don't think the seam is quite as good as the original T4 outfit, I have tried to improve it but not really got anywhere, but it's not so bad that it isn't worth releasing. There is also a strange seam on the bust which is also present on the original T4 outfit, again I've tried fixing it but wasn't able to sorry!
  • Raider armors 1,2,4 (3 was already vanilla) - these are now virtually identical to the vanilla meshes. I’ve kept some of juncs T4 details like straps and piercings as I think they add a nice extra dimension to the armors! These have been made using a combination of Juncs, Izumiko's and vanilla assets.

I'm hoping the seams will look as good as in Junk's! Please let me know if there are any problems and I'll see what I can do. I'm fairly new to all of this!

I've noticed the seam can look better or worse, with and without an ENB. I've included screens to illustrate this. There are also screens of the seam in different lighting (indoors, outdoor etc).


First get the original Type 4 body mod:

Type 4

No installers, sorry! You just need to drag and drop into the correct folder - find your FNV installation folder, this will contain the FalloutNV.exe file and the Data folder. Simply drag-and-drop my data folder in, it will merge and overwrite the appropriate files. (the download contains the folder structure to give you an idea of where it should go)

Fallout New Vegas<--- add to this folder

(the installation folder might work differently with some of the more complex mod managers, I'm not sure of what the set up is sorry)

Tools Used and Credits

Junks original meshes and neck/wrist seam templates
zzJays elegant jean mesh and texture (top texture included with permission)
Izumiko's Original meshes
AusAllerWelt for helping fix weighting issues on the Sadist armor

Blender 2.49b
Lots of tutorials