Fallout New Vegas
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Summons known companions to the player's location.

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Added a new channel to the main menu called "Rally Waiting". This will summon all companions that are currently hired to your location (I found it annoying to have to select multiple sandboxing companions individually). The Capital and Mojave channels will still individually summon a follower to you whether they are hired or not, as long as you have hired them at least once before.

*** Tale of Two Wastelands required ***

Inspired by Companions Teleporter by zluka, polished and updated for TTW. Adds a Squad Radio to the game which, when used, summons any known vanilla companion from the Capital or Mojave wasteland to the player's location. Just a simple, quality of life feature to swap companions while out in the field or to quickly find a wandering follower. Will only work on companions that have already been hired once, you will get no response from companions you haven't met yet.

Summoning a companion alone does not hire a follower, nor does this mod increase your follower limit. It simply forces a follower to your location so you can interact with them. Seems to be working as intended but it's my first mod ever so feedback is appreciated :D


Craterside Supply, Megaton, on a table behind Moira's counter.

Prospector's Saloon, Good Springs, on the bar next to the cash register.

xx000AE1 if you lose it.

SPECIAL THANKS to the TTW team for rekindling an interest in a game that's a decade old :P