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In Fallout: New Vegas, if you call a trooper or ranger via radio, they will leave you as soon as you enter an interior. This mod fixes that.

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Months ago, I asked the YUP team about the NCR Ranger leaving me every single time after going into an interior. They said it wasn't a bug, but a scripted thing added by Obsidian on 11_12_10 to fix "bug# 41703". Yeah, the radio is scripted to dismiss the Ranger/Trooper, which makes them largely useless, because an extra bait... ehm, I mean follower is always good when you're facing deathclaws, nightstalkers or Legionary Assassins. I opened the GECK, searched for the radio script, and removed that part. Now the summoned Ranger/Trooper won't leave you, unless you dismiss them through the radio.

You could ask: "but what is this bug 41703"? As far as I know, it is not stated anywhere, but I guess it's related to the Ranger/Trooper going with you in areas supposed to be reserved to the Player only, like Big MT or the Lucky 38 Penthouse. That's right, they will follow you even in front of House, which clearly is nonsense (see pic). Hell, maybe even in the Sierra Madre or Zion.
These are my 2 cents, maybe this bug 41703 is a different thing, who knows. By removing that scripted part in the radio, I'm probably going to reintroduce it... whatever that is. Keep it in mind if you're going to use this mod.


-If the Ranger/Trooper dies and you re-recruit them by talking to them where they died (they respawn), you will not be able to dismiss them through the radio. This is a vanilla bug.
-If you used the radio and lost the Ranger/Trooper before installing this mod, you will find them in front of McCarran (they are scripted to go there). If you talk to them, they will re-join you. As above, you will not be able to dismiss them through the radio.
-The Ranger/Trooper will be taken down by the Securitrons at The Strip North Gate in Freeside, because they are not included in the DontTazeMeBroFaction like permanent companions.
-The Ranger/Trooper does not heal after a battle like permanent companions.
-The Radio itself is pretty buggy, sometimes the summoned Trooper/Ranger does not show up and and overall the radio works poorly.

Thanks to sandbox6 from the YUP team for telling me about the scripted thing of the radio.


Just New Vegas. No GRA, no Courier's Stash, no DLCs. Yay!


Use the Fallout Mod Manager/Mod Organizer, or manually extract the .rar file into your New Vegas Data folder.