Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Appearance modification for a companion from Th3overseer's Eliza quest mod.

Permissions and credits
A custom race and a facial edit I'm using for Eliza from Th3overseer's adventure mod. I made it for myself because with nearly every non-generic NPC in my game being edited one way or another, Eliza's more vanila appearance was simply clashing with... Everyone around her.

 Yes, her forehead is rather big. She mentions it in her dialogue. Also, I've no idea how well the head matches any body replacers. Her leather armor isn't showing any skin anyway.

 Assets for this edit were taken from Nuska's Women of the Wasteland mod.


 Drop it into your Data folder, load the .ESP after the Eliza one.

Update 1.1:

 Refined head shape to make her look sightly older. Smaller eyes, thinner lips, larger chin, larger nose.