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Embark on a journey through a strange new world.

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Welcome to Dreamweaver's Realm - this is a surreal, atmospheric new world to venture through with an end goal to reach. There are several locations to explore and fight through, with a story told through dialogue and notes. Additionally, there are also plenty of unique items to find, if you look in the right places.

Gameplay-wise, the dungeons will provide a mild challenge (made easier with a companion). However, you don't have to worry about running out of 
supplies. There are multiple merchants and safe areas, as well as plenty of loot to be found throughout. If you need to return to the Mojave, every main section (the Climb, the Floating Islands, and the Dark Lands) has a door that will take you back.

Overall, this mod features:
- Eleven detailed, atmospheric locations (with a number of sub-locations as well) -
- Several NPCs to meet, talk and trade with -
- Over twenty unique items to find - weapons, armors, consumables and decorative clutter -

Important Notes

- Requires the four main DLCs - Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road.

***The Realm is accessed from a door located under the water tower at Goodsprings Cemetery.***

***Two notes can be found at the entrance, giving you information on the locations in the realm and the story.***

- Your end goal is Dreamweaver's Nightmare - collect the four keys from the main bosses to access the final area.

Install & Uninstall

Install: Install with your mod manager or just drop the files into your Data folder and activate the .esp in the launcher.
Uninstall: Uninstall with your mod manager or manually deactivate the .esp and delete it, along with the dreamTextures folder located in Data/textures.

The Story

The Dreamweaver - a ghoul who has survived since that infamous day in 2077 - is slowly bringing dangerous worlds into reality, formed from figments
of his dreams. These worlds are expanding, and the question is raised of whether or not they could present a danger to the Mojave. It is up to you to 
fight your way through these worlds to gain access to where the Dreamweaver hides - and ultimately, it is your choice whether he lives or dies.

Additional Thoughts

For the period of time I spent making this mod, it was truly a passion project. Unlike my previous mods, this time I decided to emphasize atmosphere over it just being a "dungeon romp". I also made sure to focus on creating far more detailed environments that would really make you want to stop and look around rather than rush through. 

So, I hope that when you play through it, you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Have fun, and thank you for playing.

Also be sure to check out Alchestbreach's playthrough/review on YouTube! Thanks Al!