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Adds a TTW Teleporter gun similar to the Big Mountain Transportalponder that lets you teleport between the Mojave and Capital Wastelands with the press of a button.

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I made this mod because I keep getting lost whenever I go back to the Capital Wasteland, and sometimes I just want to go back and forth between Wastelands much quicker.

This mod adds a "weapon" similar to the Big Mountain Transportalponder that allows you to teleport between the Mojave Wasteland and Capital Wasteland instantaneously. Or as fast as your computer can load the worldspaces.

The weapon is added to your inventory as soon as you complete the "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" quest, meaning in a new playthrough of TTW, you must visit the Mojave Wasteland at least once (and walk out of Doc Mitchell's house) to get the weapon.

Teleporting to the Capital Wasteland will place you in front of Megaton (not inside like the fast travel marker would, as this would cause some issues with how the game detects which Wasteland you're in, as well as where the game would put you if you blew up Megaton), and teleporting to the Mojave Wasteland will place you in the middle of Goodsprings.

You will teleport to the opposite Wasteland of the one you're currently in when you use the weapon. So Capital -> Mojave, Mojave -> Capital.


Pip-Boy mod shown in the screenshots is PipBoy 3000 HD Retexture.