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This mod adds three new automatic assault rifles to the game, chambered in 5mm, 5.56mm and .308, respectively.

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*** This weapon is now also available as part of my Standalone Weapons Mega-Pack ***

Oh em eff gee, I made a new rifle mesh and it's not based on the Marksman Carbine?! What is the world coming to? This is a rifle family very loosely inspired by the Israeli Galil/South African Vektor R4, which are AK derivatives chambered in 5.56mm NATO and 7.62mm NATO.

I started with the legacy content Chinese Assault Rifle mesh and removed the stock, pistol grip and handguard, replacing them with the stock, pistol grip and handguard from the Light Machine Gun. I then recessed the magazine well further into the body of the gun to mimic how a real "nose-in-rock-back" style of magazine would be inserted, and switched the LMG's carrying handle to fold towards the opposite side of the gun so as not to interfere with the bolt/charging handle's operation. I also changed out the original charging handle for an upward-pointing L-shape and re-aligned the iron sights to work properly in first-person view. Lastly, for the magazines, I lengthened and enlarged the Assault Carbine magazine for the .308 version and slightly-straightened out the Marksman Carbine (THERE it is!) magazine for the 5.56mm version. I also widened the magazines a bit because the base game ones are ridiculously thin.

Gameplay-wise, this weapon is fully-automatic and uses the Assault Carbine's handling, firing and reload animations. It has a very high maximum condition, and so should be very rugged and durable, serving you well in the harsh conditions of the Wasteland. It can be modded with the Light Machine Gun's Expanded Drums and the 10mm Pistol Silencer. I've also added the weapon to all the appropriate form lists, so that all perks and challenges that affect automatic weapons will work as expected.

The weapon can be purchased from the Gun Runners, as well as other vendors across the Wasteland, or found in random loot drops. Of course, if you're feeling lazy, you can always use the following console command (Substitute ## with the number of the mod in your load order):

player.AddItem ##000AE0 1;Gives 1 Light Rugged Automatic Rifle
player.AddItem ##000ADE 1;Gives 1 Medium Rugged Automatic Rifle
player.AddItem ##000ADF 1;Gives 1 Heavy Rugged Automatic Rifle

Extract all the files in the archive to your New Vegas data folder (which is the same folder where FalloutNV.esm is located) and then enable the ESP either in your mod manager of choice, or under "Data Files" in the launcher that runs when you start up New Vegas.