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A preset for NVR designed to make the desert feel warmer and more realistic, including overhauled water

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This mod is based on version 1.3.0 of NVR, NOT the most recent version. This is the only version I can guarantee support on.

- Overhauls the color palette to make the desert feel warmer and more realistic
- Overhauls the water and underwater FX with NVR's amazing water shaders
- Adds beautiful god-rays during sunrise/sunset courtesy of hitman47101
- No performance impact, easy installation, and no need to mess with any in-game settings to get it working
- Real-time customizability through an in-game overlay (accessible with the 'O' key [the letter, not zero], navigated with the arrow keys, and values can be changed with the non-numpad plus/minus keys)

- Requires version 1.3.0 of  New Vegas Reloaded 
- Different versions available for different weather mods

Known Issues:
- NVR's water is still very buggy, so you may experience visual glitches in the water
- In its current state, opening a menu such as the wait menu or the looting menu will cause the color palette to revert back to default for the duration of the time the menu is open. This is an issue with NVR and can not be fixed by me. I recommend using Just Loot Menu to bypass the looting menu most of the time to minimize the issue. This issue is not present with the No Coloring version of the mod