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Automatically saves your hotkeys when weapons are stripped (entering a casino, The Silver Rush, the Fort, etc.) and allows for manual saving and restoration of hotkeys through two keyboard shortcuts.

Permissions and credits
This mod REQUIRES:
NVSE v5.1b4 
JIP LN NVSE Plugin v54.91 or later (may work with earlier versions, but untested)

Simple mod that allows you to save your hotkeys by pressing numpad 1 and restore them by pressing numpad 2. You can test if it's working by pressing numpad 1 and opening the console, where it should read "Hotkeys Saved," closing the console and pressing numpad 2, where the console should print "Hotkeys Restored."

I believe I've gotten all of the locations where your weapons are stripped in base FNV, including:
  • Gomorrah
  • The Tops
  • Ultra-Luxe
  • Silver Rush
  • The Fort
  • The Fort Weather Station
  • Camp McCarran Silus Interrogation
  • Hidden Valley Bunker (First time entry, if you enter without Veronica)

At these locations, weapon hotkeys will be saved automatically before your weapons are taken, to be manually restored using numpad 2 after they are returned.
Let me know if I've missed any locations, or if any of the locations above aren't working by writing a post. As far as my memory serves, weapons aren't stripped in any DLC with the exception of the very beginning of Dead Money, but the script is useless in that DLC unless you play through the entire DLC without quitting the game (see paragraph below). If you do decide to do that, you'll have to save your hotkeys manually.

Note that the mod will not store saved hotkeys after the game has been closed; if you save and quit the game in an area where your weapons have been stripped, you will not be able to restore your hotkeys with this mod, you have to do it manually. However, you can reload a save without closing the game and your hotkeys should still be saved.

Unfortunately, the functions of this mod have now reached my (extremely limited) modding capabilities, and as such I don't believe I'll be able to accomplish two of the main goals I had in mind when I made this mod: automatic restoration of hotkeys and persistence of saved hotkeys after the game is closed. The "SaveHotkeys" and "RestoreHotkeys" functions provided by JIP LN store and recover data in a way that is wiped after the game is closed, and despite my best efforts to save and recover hotkeys from an array that has been written to a file (and thus would persist after the game has closed), I have not been able to make it work. I also have not been able to track down the script/function responsible for giving the player back his/her weapons when leaving a restricted area, and so manual restoration of hotkeys has been my only workaround. If anyone knows how either of these can be accomplished and would like to take over the mod, I'd be happy to pass on ownership as long as I'm credited as the original author.

As of March 17, 2019 this mod can be considered feature complete, and will not be receiving any new updates from me unless I discover a bug. I hope you enjoy being able to restore your hotkeys at the push of a button, and not having to tediously restore them one by one!

Instructions to change the save and restore hotkeys are in a text file with the main download.

Will likely be incompatible with Expanded Hotkeys, which does something similar, but has it's share of bugs, especially when using an expanded magazine weapon mod, and Weapons Hot Keys v1.2 or earlier, which only works with Lutana's NVSE plugin, which is no longer available, and doesn't work at all with the current version of JIP LN NVSE Plugin (v55.05).

Also reported incompatible with TTW due to a similar script.