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4color Loose Tanktop, various accessories, original design mines and grenades and effective my Home included.
There are optional files for Type4 and Vaultsuit!

Permissions and credits
Boomer Sisters for Type3 and Type4

Ver 1.2

*Added Type3 seamless version(Type3.4) and Type4 version optional file.
You can use Type3 textures, but you need Type4 textures to make it seamless.
Also, I remade the file structure accordingly. Aliceberry is included in the backup folder.
*Added Vault jumpsuit Replacer for Type3.4 and Type4.
It is recommended that traditional Type3 players continue to use ver1.1, sorry!

Ver 1.1

Tanktop mesh weight update.
Added Followers Coat in Vault jumpsuit Replacer.
And fix.


More Cute Firepower!

This MOD for my Shojo Race characters who live in TTW.
They love realistic mines and grenades than bombing something!
That's why clothes are always tattered...
Now they got to exciting Washington DC, leaving behind dreamer boomers.
So, they need more firepower against a lot of super mutants and ghouls!
"Wow! cute explosion!!"

But, their new home will be Victor's Shack. sorry;)
MOD is also put there as usual.

And, official name is "C2O Loose Tanktop for Type3 BerryHD & Aliceberry"
It's for Type3 "BerryHD" and "Aliceberry" usual,but only "BerryHD" is installed.

Optional File:1
*A-cup body Replacer.
If you want to use Aliceberry body, download and overwrite the optional file.

Optional File:2
*Vault jumpsuit Replacer.
Replace Vault jumpsuit,Vault utility jumpisuit,Armored Vault 101&13 jumpsuit with Loose tanktop type.

***Attention on images
Shojo Race Character are wearing Aliceberry type outfit.
Vanilla Race Character are wearing BerryHD.

Thank you! ;)


1st, select "LT0 xxx = Set type" or "LT1 xxx = Body type".
2nd, select "LT2 xxx = Tanktop" "LT3 xxx = Boots" " LT4 xxx " "LT5"...
"Set type" is replaced with the selected part," Body type" is added.
3rd, select "LTH xxx" or "LTS xxx" of the head part.

*Most outfits can be repaired with "Clothing Wasteland".
*Adjustment of head parts, especially "Bandaid" is very precise.
If it does not match your character, please adjust with "Nifskope".

2nd parts
*"LT2 xxx" 4color Loose Tanktop in "BodyAddon1"

*"LT3 xxx" 7design Boots in "BodyAddon3"

*"LT4 xxx" 4color Wristband in "Earrings"

*"LT5 xxx" 4color X 3variation Button Badges in "BodyAddon2"

*"LT6 xxx" 4design Thigh belt in "Nose Ring"

*"LT7 xxx" 7design Doll Pin Badges in "Necklace"

3rd head parts
*4Color X 3variation Bandana in "Mask"

*7variation Bandaid in "Mouth Object"

*Some helmets and hats in "hat"

*Some Mines, Grenades and Melee weapons can be made on the work bench.

and more...

*First aid kit near the sink in the Victors Shack.
And this time, I attached several function to the Victors Shack.
"Workbench""Cooking Toaster""Racemenu Mirror"

Dimonized Type3 or Type4 compatible textures.

DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body by dimon99

*TYPE4 Female Body and Armors by junkacc11
for Type4, you also need Type4 Head and Hand meshes.

*DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body by dimon99

*Narrowed shoulder Type3 based Body meshes by Backsteppo

*TYPE4 Female Body and Armors by junkacc11

*Shojo Race by eomanv

Amy hair by tennoji yukisuke

Original texture
Rens Beauty Pack by Ren

Pants & Garter belt
NPR for Black Pants with ribbon
R18PN 02 - Lingerie Set for HGEC by NPR

anano for Original texture
Triangle Bandaid -UNP- by anano

Lootable paralysis effect
Tranquilizer Weapons by LFox

They would like you to ask for permission before using them.

Other Parts & Adjustment
You don't have to ask for permission, only if you follow cc3.0!
Just Credit me!:)
But You can not use my assets in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms.