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Adds a perk (available at level 1) that lets you become a Vampire. Adds in new vampire races new abilities and changes several NPCS into Vampires.

Permissions and credits
I created this mod for personal use but decided to release it, as I haven't found any vampire mods that suit me. Please endorse if you download and enjoy the mod, thanks!

Version 4

Finally got around to version 4 which fixes a bug I noticed when drinking blood.
In version 4 you can use disciplines even when your ap runs out but then will start to drain your health instead once
your health reaches a low point the discipline(s) will be unequipped to prevent you from dying.
Now Alice Mclaffety is a vampire.

Version 3

Introducing disciplines! now at level 2, 3 and 6 you can choose powerful vampire abilities to level up with such as fortitude, potence and celerity. These abilities will drain your ap and be unusable once that runs out they also drain hydration and hunger levels which can now be replenished by drinking blood.

It is recommended to play version 3 in hardcore mode which simulates the need to feed especially if you use disciplines.

There are now sound effects to drinking from a living bloodbag (person) haha.

Version 2

In version 2 there are now vampire races to choose from with glowing eyes and fangs! requires Mikotos beauty pack to play. Also a few npcs have been vampirised only 3 at the moment (ranger ghost, vulpes inculta, and bruce isaac) changes to version 2 are as follows:

You can now feed off living people whilst sneaking! will damage their health probably killing them outright if their health is low and knock those out who survive.

Master Vampires will slowly lose rads.

Vampires are resistant to poison (75)

You still need the perk to fully experience the mod.

Version 1

Adds a perk (available at level 1) that lets you become a Vampire. Benefits of being a vampire are that drinking the blood of the dead restores your health (as do bloodpacks, over time) and you can breathe underwater.

There are 3 ranks to the perk turning you from fledgling to hunter to master, with every rank comes new power. As a fledgling you have increased special attributes (2, strength, endurance, charisma, luck, perception, agility) during night time also you can run slightly faster and have small boosts to health and radiation resistances can carry more and deal a small amount of extra melee and unarmed damages, some skills like sneak receive a 5 point bonus, you have a few extra points of DT. During the day if you venture outside all your special attributes will suffer (-2) and your AP will be less.

As a hunter all the bonuses of the previous rank are increased and your action points will return faster. But also the downside is that the sun will affect you even more. You start to regenerate lost HP at this level.

Same goes for Master, you are stronger and faster especially at night but even weaker during the day outside.



Credits: KAW for fangs and Mikoto for eyes and hair.

Other mods by me:

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