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Furry Intro Screen

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This is a intro screen that replaces the vanilla one with a partial fursuitor shooting the player in the face. So it's not Benny that attempted murder on you it was a fox with a BB gun thing. 

please note that I've had very limited resources to do this with, and i did the best I could lining this up with the Obsidian logos and Bethesda logos and all that. 

Version 1 provides the edited intro screen to line up better with the vanilla Bethesda logos after the cinematic ends

Version 2 provides the suitors original video just lined up with the intro scene. Probably the most lazy editing I've done. 

There is about 25 seconds of black screen on each screen and that is because i had to match up to the original length of the vanilla intro video. You don't have to skip it.

Manual intallation:
Navigate to your fallout directory, usually it's located at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas (This may vary depending if you have a steam library in another drive)
and drop the data folder there 

The fursuitor is Circuit The Fox that is not me in the video. He made the video, I just edited to the actual fallout intro. 
OH OH, and the video is from Reddit!