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You can now equip Rex with armor to increase survivability or add a saddle pack to increase his carry weight. Also added a whistle to call Rex out of danger. TTW supported. Willow supported.

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I present to you a mod that has surprisingly not been done before in the New Vegas modding community. Thanks to the wonderful graphical assets provided by pintocat, this mod will allow you to equip Rex with leather armor, granting +20 DT. No longer will Rex be the weak canine he once was, now he will be built as solid as an oak.

Don't care about Rex's well being? Well, you can treat him like a pack brahmin by equipping him with saddle pack armor, granting +50 carry weight and +5 DT.

Do you get angry when Rex targets an enemy a mile away and eventually dies to his own cockyness? Well no more I say, I have just the instrument to solve all your problems. The dog whistle, this useful device will grant the ability to make Rex ignore what he was currently fighting and come running right back to papa (Advised that you set a hotkey for it).

Also, five skins to choose from: Rex's default skin, German Shepherd (Created by AlienSlof), Husky (Created by jackalx137), Corgi (Created by Nivea) or Dogmeat from Fallout 3.

Adds equipable leather armor to Rex (Provides +20 DT)
Adds an equipable saddle bag to Rex (Provides +5 DT and +50 carry weight)
Adds a dog whistle that can be used to force Rex to retreat from battle and stay near your side
Five skins to choose from (Default / German Shepherd / Husky / Corgi / Dogmeat)



Thanks to pintocat for making the leather armor, saddle pack and whistle

Thanks to jackalx137 for the Husky reskin of Rex

Thanks to jazzisparis for the creation of JIP LN NVSE PLUGIN and thanks to the creators of NVSE, this mod wouldn't have been made without both of these works

Thanks to Nivea for the Corgi reskin of Rex and for the mod that fixes the dog eyes glitch

Thanks to AlienSlof for the German Shepherd reskin of Rex