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Want to keep leveling up? This mod sets your level to 250 once you reach 255, compensates for the health reduction of reducing your level, and keeps track of how many times you reached level 255!

Permissions and credits
Legendary Level

This mod allows you to Legendarify your level! Kinda like how you can legendary skills in Skyrim. There wasn't one for level 255, so I made mine.
Whenever you reach level 255, a few seconds after exiting the Level up screen, you will get a message telling you that your level has been set to 250, that message also shows you the number of times you reached level 255 each time. There is also an explosion with no damage centered at you so you can feel more badass.
*After the first time you Legendary your level, a new plaque inside of Lucky 38 Presidential suite appears with which you can view how many times you reached level 255, whenever you wish. The plaque is above your bed, on the wall.
*Reducing your level by 5 generally reduces your max health by the same amount of health you gain by leveling up 5 times. To compensate for this the script increases your max HP, by 5 times the amount of health gain per level up, a game setting that might have been edited by other mods, so it should be the same amount of what you gain using those mods.
*Every time you Legendary your level, your current experience is for some reason, set to the amount you would have if you just reached level 249 (4643800), instead of 250 (4681200). The difference is 37400 points of experience. I have added a "rewardxp 18700" in the script, that, if you have all ranks of Swift Learner, and the Lessons Learned perks (The latter perk needs editing to have any effect after level 50. I edited mine so it gives +50% xp for every level beyond 50. Here's my mini mod for that.) adds up to over 37400 experience, more so if you are also well rested. There will also be an optional file that rewards 36500 experience every time you Legendary your level to put you back in the experience field of level 250.

Hard Requirements:

Soft Requirements:
A mod to increase your level cap to 255. Here's what I use. Without the perk per level.
A mod to allow you to continue on level up screens even if you don't have any skill to raise or any perk to take. Here's what I use.

Known Issues

When you reach level 255, please wait atleast 3 seconds, in the level up screen, before exiting it. If you don't, the script will likely not recognize your level up and you would be stuck on level 255. If that happens, you can use "Player.SetLevel 254" followed by "RewardXP [Any amount to put you back in level 255]"


Fallout2AM, Even if I dont listen to her every advice ;-;