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A wacky quest mod where you help a couple of space-faring robots find Magic Space Mushrooms, and fight a gang of murderous hobos.

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New Vegas Midnight Special

Help a couple of space-faring robots retrieve Magic Space Mushrooms from an underground installation occupied by a gang of murderous, technologically-advanced hobos.

The quest will start automatically after a few seconds after loading the game with this mod enabled.


-Evil hobos
-Blatantly re-used interiors
-Half-assed NifSkope weapons
-"Voice acting" provided by a text-to-speech program from 2003.

Is this mod lore friendly?

-Hell no!

Why did you make this awful mod?!


Useful notes:

-For the love of god, don't leave any companions or anything you want to see again in the ship at the end. You'll regret it in 5 seconds.

-Saving or fast traveling while the ship is preparing to take off will probably bork stuff up.

-This mod was made within the span of 5 days. If that doesn't speak volumes about the level of sheer quality, I don't know what does.