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Bug fixes and more MCM options.

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Project Nevada
The Mod Configuration Menu

[Bug Fixes]
  • Fixes the hoarder trait not being calculated which made sprinting not work when in the carry weight range that the hoarder trait added.
  • Fixes Med-X breaking the sprinting script when the Project Nevada rebalance module is enabled.
  • Before, when sprinting, AP would be drained faster when unarmed than if you had guns drawn or holstered (Seems to be a bug when disabling AP regeneration). Now, being unarmed will have no effect on AP draining.
  • Fixed bug where you can sprint when walking backwards if you quickly hold down the backwards key after letting go of the forwards key.
  • Not really related to sprinting but fixes some visual errors in the MCM for "Project Nevada - Extra Options"
  • If you have the sprint hotkey set to "Run/Walk", the ability to use the run key will be disabled to prevent walking when AP is fully depleted.
  • Before, when you depleted all of your AP you would not be able to sprint for 1 second which made the FOV change rapidly if you keep the sprint
  • key held down. Now, you have to wait atleast 5 seconds to sprint again.
  • You will now not go back to sneaking after you have sprinted (Not really a bug, more of an improvement).

[New MCM Options]
  • Enable/Disable the ability to tackle enemies when sprinting.
  • Enable/Disable weapon holstering when sprinting.
  • Enable/Disable motion blur when sprinting.
  • Enable/Disable the FOV increase that occurs when sprinting.
  • Enable/Disable whether inventory weight is applied in the calculations for how fast AP is drained when sprinting.
  • Enable/Disable whether the Endurance stat is applied in the calculations for how fast AP is drained when sprinting.
  • Modify the mouse sensitivity when sprinting.
  • Adds the options provided by "Project Nevada - Extra Options" (Just in the off chance that somebody doesn't have/want it installed).

Note: All MCM options are set by default to vanilla Project Nevada values, if you just want to install this for the bug fixes and nothing else then you are already set to go.