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Makes each jump take a configurable number of action points, at a configurable speed.

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Every time you jump, you will now be penalized by a certain number of action points (Configuration details below). This debt will be accumulated with each jump you take, and be paid off in your action points over a certain amount of time.

The configuration options for the mod are in its config file (Config/Jumping Takes Action Points.ini), and allow you to control the speed of drain, the amount to drain per jump, and the delay.
'Action Points'. Defaulted to 20, will tell the mod how many points each jump takes.

'Drain Speed'. Defaulted to 5, will tell it how many points will be subtracted each delay cycle.

'Drain Delay'. Defaulted to 0.25, this tells it how long to delay each subtraction.

'Disable Jumping'. Defaulted to 1, will keep you from jumping if you don't have enough action points.

'Disable Action Point Regen'. Defaulted to 1, disables regen of action points while they're being taken. Without this, smaller and slower-draining amounts of debt may not appear to work.

What does this all mean?
If you have a 'Drain Delay' of 1, 'Drain Speed' of 2, 'Action Points' of 10, and 'Disable Action Point Regen' of 1, you will lose 2 action points every second, until you've lost 10, and won't regenerate points while this happens.

To prevent exploitation by jumping rapidly between each drain cycle, every jump will add its penalty to the total you owe, which will tick down as needed until it's gone.
Keep in mind that, if you spam jump, you can easily get in to the negatives with your action points, leaving a long delay until you can use them again.
I could implement something to stop you from jumping at all without enough action points, but I didn't feel like it at the time. Did it anyway, so yeah! Now it will also result in a long delay before you can jump next.

As requested by Reddit User GlutenSandwich. Also, that's automatically a link. That's kinda neat.