Fallout New Vegas
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Fixes weird polygons on the receiver of the service rifle mesh.

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As I was working on a weapon overhaul-ish thing for my TTW playthrough, I noticed that the service rifle had some weird mesh issues around the magwell. I removed the offending polygons, added fixed ones and adjusted the UV to fit. Only the base rifle has this issue, so the Survivalist's Rifle and other similar guns like the assault and marksman carbines are already ok.

Compatible with vanilla and TTW/WMIM (the nifs are based on the fixed ones from that team). Compatible with WMX. If you don't want any extra files and are NOT using WMX, go into the archive and delete the WeaponModsExpanded subfolder. Leaving the WMX files in there will not affect vanilla/TTW in any way.

Tools Used
Blender 2.49b
3ds Max 2016
Nifskope 2.07

Bethesda/Obsidian for creating these wonderful games
The TTW team for actually making them work properly (also the base nifs used to create the fix)