Fallout New Vegas
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A comprehensive official patch for JSawyer Ultimate Edition and Tale of Two Wastelands.

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JSawyer Ultimate Edition TTW Patch
JSawyer Ultimate Edition
Tale of Two Wastelands 3.2.x


This is a comprehensive patch for JSawyer Ultimate and TTW 3.2.x, covering all incompatibilities between the two, balancing all TTW items to be in line with JSawyer Ultimate's stat changes, and numerous other minor gameplay tweaks to smooth out your travels through the Capital Wastes.

Why is this on a new mod page, you ask? Well, there may be more patches for TTW mods to come, and I didn't want to ram the original patch page with too many TTW-specific files.

A complete list of changes can be found on the Docs tab of this modpage.


This mod requires:

This patch is just an esp file, so just use your standard installation method. Simply install to your data folder and activate manually or using your mod manager of choice.

Load Order

Generally, JSawyer Ultimate should be low down in your load order, after YUP and UPP, and after YUP's NPC fixes (relevant fixes from all these mods are included). This patch needs to be loaded after the main mod, obvs.

It's always a good idea to check for conflicts with FNVEdit, too.


Follow instructions on the main JSawyer Ultimate Edition modpage.

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