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Fixes a subtle vanilla bug that plays bush rustling sounds when it shouldn't.

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NOTE: All fixes are included with YUP as of version 11.6

For some reason, several objects such as walls or lights were accidentally assigned a bush passthrough sound, causing it to play randomly in certain areas (most notably Hoover Dam). While pretty subtle in vanilla, it's incredibly annoying with other mods like "Audible Pass Through Bushes Sounds." 

This fixes all static objects in New Vegas that have been improperly assigned the noise (none of the objects in the DLCs have this issue, so it's not required). 


There are two versions of this fix, one that fixes all affected objects placed in the world, and one that also fixes 1st person weapon objects, as some technically have this bug too. 

Bush Noise Fix (Including Weapons)

While some weapons have the bush sound assigned to their 1st person models, I have no idea when they would actually play. I never got them to trigger after tinkering around with them, so this version is mostly here for the sake of "fixing" everything.

This version will probably conflict with other weapon mods such as WRP and WMX, so it should only be used if you hear bush noises from these weapons:

12.7 mm SMG silenced/no mods
12.7 mm Pistol silenced/no mods
Riot Shotgun
AER14 prototype

Otherwise, use the base (recommended) version, which is compatible with everything.

Credit to sandbox6RoyBatterian, and zilav for help finding the other bush offenders.

Feel free to use/include this in any other mod or bugfix compilation.